WOD Thursday 05/05/2016

A) 10mins to get 2-3 May goals up on the board, they must be:

Realistic: For your ability
Specific: To what your trying to achieve
Achievable: for the month of May

*Bring them into the gym with you and get them straight up on the board on arrival.

B) Two rounds for time:
20 Muscle-ups
7 Rope ascents, 15ft

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6 Comments on “WOD Thursday 05/05/2016

  1. Home WOD
    2 rounds for time…
    10 strict MUs (band assisted)
    10 thrusters 30kg

    Nearly died, took 20:16

  2. A great morning with some great efforts, highlights of the morning for me was Val taking a few bites up the rope, Jarryd’s smokin 16min rxd effort, Fe doing m-ups with ease and Dane getting his first m-up.

    Well done morning crews!!

  3. Might be a dumb question, but if it’s for time how come scores are 4 + 15 etc???

    • We had a seperate WOD for guys scaling down for this one mate 🙂