WOD Friday 14/10/2011

Deadlift 100kg (70kg)
Handstand Push-up


Post load and time to comments.

Happy Birthday Nick!! Post best caption to comments!!

18 Comments on “WOD Friday 14/10/2011

  1. To my foster child NICK – hope you have the most amazing 20th B’day and most likely you’ll still be behaving like a teenager right into your 40’s bahahah just like me – Growing older is predicable but growing up is an OPTION – I know which one you’ll choose…..X K

  2. Happy Birthday Nick, no comment to the picture. It’s just weird

  3. ” You want me to Post something to Crack you up?!!” ” So I just Posted My Crack Up!!” Happy Birthday You Sexy Bitch!! 😉

  4. I have no words….. :-). Happy birthday nick, have an awesome day!! Xo

  5. I have no words….. :-). Happy birthday nick, have an awesome day!! Xo

  6. Happy birthday Nick. What up with those shoes?! Hope you have a fantastic day.

  7. Happy Birthday Nick, i was thinking….. where are the ballet shoes? have a wonderful day, enjoy 🙂

  8. 5.45am
    Lauren 6.13 rxd
    Alan 10.46 (65kg)
    Megan 5.33 (50kg)
    Chantelle 7.52 (20kg)
    Matty.F 14.43 (90kg)

    Rhonda Intro (Welcome)
    Brenno 10.53 (70kg)
    Kurt 7.50 (90kg)
    Kristen 8.16 (50kg)
    Lynda 11.46 (50kg)
    Chase 10.42 (60kg)
    Sheree “Baby Nancy” 11.53 (12kg) “CF Mum”

    Jayden Skills
    Tommy 20.05 rxd
    Alan Skills
    Charlotte Skills
    Lauren Skills
    Richo 14.26 (80kg)
    Brandon Skills
    JFK Skills

    Beck 7.32 mod
    Rob 9.19 (80kg)
    Jayden 7.21 (70kg)
    Lock Stock 11.17 rxd
    Corina 8.15 (60kg) mod
    Cliffo 3.56 rxd
    JFK 11.01 rxd
    Brandon 13.48 (90kg)
    Gilli 6.19 (50kg)
    Scotty.E 6.54 (100kg)
    Tanners 6.15 (50kg)
    Lou 6.23 (20kg)

  9. Great work on your pb this morn Loz, it was awesome to watch. Have to make mention of my gorgeous Alan’s 45 rxd hspu. WOW! Well done to all the early birds 🙂

  10. look at the greasy wog go! i’m actually suprised to see cloths on you though, the wog of old wouldn’t wear jocks

  11. Happy Birthday Sticks, those little legs still havn’t grown much in the past few years!! Have a great day mate!!

    Yeah agree Megan top effort by the morning glory today, two really good sessions with some great improvements!!

  12. Happy Birthday Nick i m sure you gonna enjoy not being a teenager any more

    not sure the picture should be shown on a public website though….

    Great job this morning guys bloody awesome especially Lauren and Alan

  13. Happy birthday Nick love the photo . Have a good one at the Goldie this weekend .

  14. You sexy thing! Nickilicious!!! Happy birthday enjoyed the entertaining shoot!!!