WOD Friday 15/06/2012

Overhead Squat

(Gretchen Kittelberger 91kg, Jenn Jones 88.5kg)

Post loads to comments.

A great video and a couple of tips for today’s WOD!!

8 Comments on “WOD Friday 15/06/2012

  1. Can’t wait to see what this back support belt will do for this one – yewwwwwwww good things coming!!!!

  2. 5.30am
    Alan 20-37.5kg
    Megan 20kg across 5’s
    Shano.G 35-60kg
    Hayley 30-52.5kg

    Cliffo 60-80kg
    Sue Tech
    Alli 30-55kg
    Suz 20-40kg
    Grant 20-42.5kg
    Jenni.P 6-25kg

    Stu 60-80kg
    Tommy 45-65kg
    Shano.C 60-77.5kg
    Mick 60-90kg
    Karen 35-47.5kg
    Johnny.D Skills
    Kurt.N 60-80kg
    Dal 60-75kg
    Mull 35-50kg
    Bianca 45-62.5kg
    Pete 12-20kg
    Ryno 20-40kg
    Lauren 45-57.5kg
    Chase 50-75kg
    Flick 20kg across
    Misch skills
    Mel.P 37.5-52.5kg
    Corina 20-31kg
    Gill 40-52.5kg
    Hulk 60-75kg
    JFK 70-100kg

  3. 5 kg pb plus body weight ohs today, with my new weight lifting back support belt . Massive 😉

  4. You did awesome man of many names Clifford well done!!!!
    Well done to all the other guys you rocked it!!!!

  5. Awesome guys and gals alli, Mel, Bianca wow JFK Cliffo Aidan unreal!!!