WOD Friday 22/06/2012

For time:
Row 500 meters
Body weight Bench press, 30 reps
Row 1000 meters
Body weight Bench press, 20 reps
Row 2000 meters
Body weight Bench press, 10 reps

Post load and time to comments.

The man!!

15 Comments on “WOD Friday 22/06/2012

  1. I’d have a hard time deadlifting my bodyweight for that many reps let alone bench pressing it!

  2. 5.30am
    Shano.G 20.06 (40kg)
    Alan 18.28 (35kg)
    Megan 19.14 (12kg)
    Hayley 25.58 (30kg)
    Tommy 21.14 (60kg)
    Carlie 25.15 (25kg)
    Shano.C 21.22 (50)

    Mel.P 26.52 (30kg) Run
    Kurt.N 24.26 (50kg)
    Corina 33.50 (32.5kg)
    Scotty.E 30.00 (80kg)
    Bianca 22.01 (42.5kg)
    Pete 22.51 (55kg)
    Sue 27.31 (20kg) Run
    Jenni.P 27.48 (20kg)
    Alli 22.56 (32.5kg)
    Suz 26.40 (32.5kg) Run
    Smokin 23.35 (80kg) Back Squats
    Kristen 23.45 (30kg)

    Karen 35.33 (mod)
    Cliffo 53.32 (75kg)
    Mick 29.33 rxd
    Livdogs 35.36 (35kg)
    Shano.C skills
    Aido 1.05.40 (60kg)
    Richo 24.04 (47.5kg)
    Misch 41.30 (40kg)
    Ryno 36.54 rxd
    Dal 35.20 (58.5kg)
    Mull 28.03 (30kg)
    Shelbs 26:32(20kg)
    Fiona 29:23(35kg)
    Issy 25:48(25kg)

  3. Well done speal!!! The guys got a lot of heart

  4. I will be opening the box up at 4pm and be running heats between 4-6pm today due to the availability of the rowers/benches and the Thompson’s send off tonight.

  5. Did mine at lunch today because 1. im working late, and 2. I want to make it on time to the Thompsons leaving do !!! Anyhoo my time was 32.47. See you all later on :-)

  6. Go Jenni you did awesome sticking to the 20kg it was tough but you did it go girl!!!!! I love the positive atmosphere at 4551 you guys are just beautiful thankyou. Missed you Corina and Kurt get better soon Corina kill that bug Garlic, and echinacea I miss your true grit and smile !!!! xx

    • Sue, you would have to be one of the nicest people I know! I don’t think a single day has gone by since you joined that you haven’t written something nice on the page!

  7. 2km run on tread mill… I hate those things..
    Just some general weights and situps

  8. Thanks Sue went to the doc this arv and got some antibiotics so hopefully I’ll be better sooner than later.;)

  9. Well done Stevo and Gill and thanks for the pics Stevo, mental toughness brother!!

  10. Mel thats nice but it’s all true you guys have got great heart and souls.