WOD Friday 25/01/2013

Three rounds for time of:
50 Squats
7 Bar muscle-up
10 Hang power snatch, 60kg (42.5kg)

Post load and time to comments.

22 Comments on “WOD Friday 25/01/2013

  1. 5.30am
    Alan mod
    Cathy 16.22 (12kg)
    Rod 19.19 (25kg) Welcome
    Stevo 15.36 (40kg)
    Hayles 8.45 (25kg) mod
    Mel P 9.33 (30kg) mod
    Martin 15.04 (25kg)
    Shano C Skills

    Matty.F 14.26 (35kg) 13 m/u
    Cliffy 14.30 (42.5kg)
    Ellen 11.54 (20kg)
    Greg 11.38 (20kg) FIRST MUSCLE UP! (Consecutives)
    Paul.G 13.15 (25kg) 6 m/u
    Sue 13.44 (12kg)
    Chazza 14.19 (30kg)
    Corey 15.32 (20kg) 15 m/u
    Ryno 14.56 (30kg) 21 m/u
    Heidi 12.32 (12kg)
    Matty Mac (35kg) 12 m/u
    Wog 9.47 mod

    Aido skills
    JFK skills
    ben12.35 20kg
    Scotty.E 15.33 55kg
    Martin 13.11 30kg
    Heidi 18.32 Mod
    Simmo 16.58 30kg
    Smokin 18.37 50kg
    Richo 17.44 42.5kg
    Corina 12.44 20kg
    Jaymee 11.57 12kg
    Kurt.N 20.40 42.5kg
    Tanners 7.52 Mod
    Rach 7.39 Mod

    Lynne 16.42 20kg
    Justin 18.26 RXD
    Pittas 8.36 6kg
    Shelby 19.48 6kg
    Jenni.P 12.16 12kg

  2. Great video Mick that so is you and 4551 creating value and an awesome community!! Well done:)

  3. Sorry I couldn’t make it in yesterday Mick, I was so sick! Feeling heaps better today.

    This morning I did some light running and a 3km row then spent about 45mins on mobility. I won’t be in this arvo or tomorrow due to work. But I will make sure I get some more mobility in this afternoon and tomorrow before Mal and I head to Brissie. Might even go for a bit of a trot in Brissie on Sat arvo 🙂

  4. Couldn’t make it in today. Did back squats at work and then did mobility.

  5. Great video…he’s a legend.

    Wont be in today but would like a crack at that WOD another time…..

  6. My apologies to Nick n Megs. I short changed my workout this morning by probably 15 squats but I came in this arvo, upped the weight, completed all my reps and beat my original time.

  7. Hey everybody, is there anyone going to wodstock on Sunday that could be a counter for us, we need 2??? To Paula, Hayley, Nick or Aiden is there anyone you guys no off?

    • Ay suz, charlotte and I are counting for yous, as im injured and shano has taken my spot

  8. Sorry I haven’t been in also, had heaps of work on plus been unwell, see yas tomoza

  9. Anybody else going to be there on Sunday and not competing that can count for our team?

  10. Hey Guys,

    I need a counter, anyone with an Abacus can apply for the old gits comp…..haha

    We will also need 2 counters for Mick’s team…..

  11. home wod today,
    50 squats
    7 HSPU (off box)
    10 hang power snatch (45kg)
    three rounds 13.05

  12. Thanks Paula may need heaps of it, feelin pretty shabby, hopefully wake up feelin freshened up tomoza

  13. Home WOD
    50 single skips
    10 push ups off toes
    Did this for 12 mins. It was tough doing the push-ups off my toes but I stuck at it