WOD Monday 15/09/2014



21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Reps for time of:
Run 100m
Overhead Squats 35kg (25kg)

Post load and time to comments.




19 Comments on “WOD Monday 15/09/2014

  1. Happy Birthday my hero have an awesome day catching big fish and enjoying man time

  2. Have yourself some great mantime away Darrell you deserve it champ 😉

  3. Happy birthday Darrell! Have a great day!
    Great pic, awesome day with an awesome bunch of people!

  4. Happy Birthday Darrell..sounds like you have a great day planned..enjoy

  5. Darrell has asked me to say many thanks for your birthday wishes much appreciated:)

  6. Phone died so here are the night sessions:

    Cliffo 18.10 rxd
    Kurt 20.54 rxd
    Hayley.G 20.40 rxd
    Emma 26.27 rxd
    Ryno.G 21.39 (20kg)
    Lynne 22.59 rxd
    Pete.F 16.18 (20kg FS)
    Pauly.R 23.09 (30kg) mod
    Naz 18.39 (12kg)
    Paula 16.32 (25kg FS)
    Livdogs Lifting
    Tommy 12.48 rxd

    Harro 16.38 rxd
    Hayley.M 21.30 (20kg)
    Jess 23.38 (20kg)
    Corina 25.16 rxd
    Warney 23.16 (12kg)
    Makka 27.02 (12kg)
    Matty.G 21.35 (35kg FS)
    Pete.R 20.10 rxd

  7. Go Emma rxd does anything slow you down you are inspirational beyond words