WOD Monday 19/08/2013

For time:
15 Squat clean, 70kg (50kg)
30 Toes to bar
30 Box jump, 24″ (20″)
15 Muscle-ups
30 dumbbell Push press/ push jerk, 20kg (15kg)
30 Double-unders
15 Thruster, 60kg (42.5kg)
30 Pull-ups
30 Burpees
90m Walking lunge with 20kg (15kg) plate held overhead

Post load and time to comments.

17 Comments on “WOD Monday 19/08/2013

  1. Just wanted to say Mick you were correct!!! I do feel fantastic that I have achieved another first that I thought I never could in my wildest dreams!! But in saying that I could not have done it without the support and community that you have built. Team 4551 and mates were the stand out of the day!!! Huge thank you to Cliff, Dan W, you guys stayed with me and were my rocks I cant thank you enough!!! The spirit of the whole team including Shelby’s mates and Cliffs was outstanding even though we got split up half way we all looked after each other I hope the injured guys have a speedy recovery. Thank you one and all you guys came and got some you are all champions that should be so very very proud! So coach since joining 1 year 4months ago done my first 10km Sunshine Coast Marathon, first triathlon, now tough mudder so my next first is Wod Stock bring it !!! Thank you for your belief Mick The End:)

    • Sue, you rock. I can’t believe you backed up for today’s hellish workout after your massive weekend. Don’t ever let anyone talk down to you girl ’cause you are one of the most dedicated, courageous and loyal people that I know. Next goal – skydiving 🙂 Just saying…

      • Thank you Kirsten for those lovely kind words!! Skydiving did it at Tough Mudder jumping of a huge height with no parachute!!!;)

    • Your a true champ Sue, everything you have put your mind to you have conquered. Next stop is Wodstock champ, well done 🙂

    • Sue you are an inspiration to everyone. You never give up and have a “I can” mentality. Why are you so surprised that you achieve these milestones? The sky is the limit for you. Look forward to hearing about your next achievement. 🙂

      • Carolyn wow thank you!!:) Your one super star girl power congrats on your Tough Mudder!!!

  2. Well done Sue – you just KEEP ON ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS Ms Sunshine 🙂 You Rock!!!

    • Thank you karen great to have you back have missed you:)))

  3. What time should I be aiming for if I’m gonna do this wod rxd??? 😉

  4. Posted Saturdays wod in Fridays comment. Sunday was 8k 20min bike ride, 1k 3:50min row and 60 sit-up, 60 push-up

  5. I am very happy there was not a 3km run at the end of today’s WOD.

  6. 5.30am
    Harold 29.16 rxd
    Shano.C 22.05
    G1 24.00 (35/35)
    G2 33.30 (70/60)
    Shano.H 26.17 (40/30)
    Megzi 30.10 (35/30)
    Kate 32.20
    Reiven 27.40 (20)
    Corrine 24.35 (20)
    Kylie.MH 21.45 (M/B 12)
    Jen.K 30.50 (25)
    Britt 24.02 (20)
    Aimee 21.47 (20)
    Adam 27.40 (40/30)
    Mick.B 24.42 (60/50)
    Cliff 27.30 rxd
    Latch 22.42 rxd
    Karen 29.43 (35/30)

    Emma 30.12 (20)
    Sue 29.54 (20)
    Stevo 36.40 (60/50)
    Matty.F 37.11 (70/60)
    Ryan Mackay 33.26
    Jaydog 39.48
    Jackie 41.00 (6/5)
    Kirsten 34.20 (20/12)
    Bianca 35.25 (50/42.5)
    Porter 31.24 (50/42.5)

    Livdoggs 29.26 (40/30/10/10)
    Paula 20.44 (mod)
    Hayley G 27.10 (20/10)
    Macdaddy 36.39 rxd
    Tommy 29.20 (70/60)
    James 33.50 (50/40)
    Simmo 29.48 rxd
    Paul ??
    Lina 30.15 (20)
    Millsy 23.53 (30)
    Josie 28.20 (20)
    Dalski 25.58 (40/30)
    Shelbs 33.40 (30/30)
    Justin 24.16 rxd

    Wog 27.32 rxd
    Cade intro – welcome
    Gilli 28.09 (40/30/10/10)
    JFK 27.40 (mod)
    Kylie H 23.48 (12)
    Michelle 24.55 (40/25 mod)
    Aido 27.34 rxd
    Albert 30.36 (40/25)
    Bec M 26.46 (20)
    Bec W 20.53 (30/7/20/10)
    Jess 28.31
    Brucey 37.56 (50/42.5)
    Pete R 31.07 (50/17.5/42.5/10)

  7. A 3km run wld have def killed me off today . Biggest WOD of my 2 weeks at crossfit and although it was a struggle in parts I felt bloody fantastic for doing it and finishing it ! U guys are such supportive coaches, u are always there to show me the ropes and offer encouragement . Thanks guys !

    • Always welcome jackie! You’re doing really well mate keep it up!

  8. Couldn’t get in after work. Went for a 5km run now I’m living somewhere with litup pathways