WOD Monday 22/11/10

3 Rounds for time:

10 Push Press 60kg (40kg)
20 Wallball 10kg (5kg)
30 Double Unders

Post load and time to comments.

10 Comments on “WOD Monday 22/11/10

  1. Nice shot of Bacon Bits there, espcially in those Goodlife shorts!

  2. 5.45am
    Cyn 8.53 (20kg)
    Nicole 13.52 (20kg)
    Mim 8.48 (20kg)

    Bec.C 9.30 (20kg) mod
    Lock stock 12.28 (50kg)
    Trina 10.28 (40kg)
    Richo 12.01 (40kg)

    10.30am .com

    Six rounds for time of:
    Carry 20kg sandbag 400 meters
    50kg Push press, 12 reps
    12 Box jumps, 24 inch box
    42.5kg Sumo deadlift high-pull, 12 reps

    Cliffo 24.50 rxd
    Mick 25.10 rxd
    Brad 27.12 rxd

    Shauno 11.01 rxd
    Janeah 9.31 (30kg)
    Nick.Z 7.59 rxd
    Nipples 8.58 (30kg)
    Prince 8.06 (30kg)
    Rob. 13.22 (50kg)
    Mel.Z 12.35 (30kg)
    Lyndal 6.39 rxd
    Scott 9.32 (50kg)
    Sheree 8.37 (30kg)
    Ryan 7.27 (30kg)
    Brucey 8.15 rxd

    Alana 10.35 (40kg)
    Ang 10.29 (20kg)
    Gillian 10.29 (20kg)
    Tamara 10.35 rxd
    Shano 10.20 (50kg)

  3. so happy with my self today keeping up with hoff features for a change im always chasing him . this was one of my fav wods ive done for a while

  4. Great atmosphere tonight guys, great to see everyone helping everyone right through to the end!!

  5. So, now I’ve got to get double unders consistently after the first round! Though on the plus side, I didn’t travel backwards today!!