WOD Monday 24/09/2012

Four rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
Squat Cleans (barbell) 50kg (35kg), 23 reps

Post load and time to comments.


12 Comments on “WOD Monday 24/09/2012

    • Are you serious Simmo? Total respect you are blitzing everything!!! You will what do they say now!!! You will Rag Doll that!!! In my boring old words you will smoke that go get some!!!!
      Go the girl power 9.15 come get some!! Yipeeeee!!!!!!:} Tamara would love to see you at the 9.15 when you can you are a fantastic coach and total respect you know your ?? Also I have the rainbow effect and clearly not preg!!! Thankyou heaps you are awesome :} 4551 ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Loved working out today with all the legends of 4551 :}

  1. That was crazy stuff in the fog this morning!! The WOD is hard enough without breathing almost pure water at the same time!! Great to meet you Nick and thanks for all the help this morning 🙂

  2. Guys – I have booked a room for the Ipswich event…address below for anyone intrested.

    Oaks Aspire Apartments – 1 West Street Woodend Ipswich, QLD 4305

    Great to see Nick back today…

  3. OMG that was epic!!Thankyou Coach Nick for getting me through this one and to the awesome crew at 9.15 you certainly need a good vibe to get through this one!!!!

  4. 5.45am

    Lisa 26.24 (12kg)
    Lynne 32.09 Rxd
    Livvy 33.16 Rxd
    Tommy 26.40 Rxd
    Randy 29.43 (40kg)
    Jenny.b 23.38 (20kg)
    Bryce 23.30 (6kg) Welcome mate!
    Ellen 27.43 (12kg mod)


    Daniel 20.33 (12kg hc)
    Sue 28.10 (12kg)
    Mitch 24.03 (35kg)
    Mel.p 25.11 Rxd
    Paul 24.35 (30kg)
    Bianca 21.25 Rxd
    Jenni 26.00 (12kg)


    Simmo 24.03 Rxd
    Hayley 30.07 Rxd
    Paula 28.16 Rxd
    Charlotte 28.30 Rxd
    Johnny 21.34 Rxd


    Ben 19.40 (20kg)
    Shano 33.25 Rxd
    Justin 19.23 Rxd
    Gilli 20.59 mod
    Tanners 21.23 mod
    Babs 26.54 (row)

  5. Great to meet a few new faces today and catch up with many friends. Thanks for coming guys and I will see you all tomorrow!

  6. Hey Mick if you get an excess water charge this quarter let me know…….I had to take 3 nervous pee’s for that WOD. hahaha