WOD Sunday 23/09/2012

Power clean

Post lightest and heaviest loads for working sets to comments.


8 Comments on “WOD Sunday 23/09/2012

  1. Thankyou Tamara and assistant Will!! Great morning for lifting yipeeeeee pb!!!
    Awesome vibe for a Sunday morning guys!!:)

  2. 8am
    Sue 6-32.5kg
    Simmo 60-87.5kg
    Livdoggs 40-57.5kg
    Chazza 50-60
    Gilli 40-60kg
    J.F.K. 90-110kg
    Mimsy 20-35kg
    Mull 42.5-57.5kg
    Dal 60-80kg
    Mel P 50-62.5kg

  3. Awesome morning guys!! Two bell rings this morning, congrats to Sue and Gilli!! What an awesome way to start a Sunday!! Keep working on those goals guys, only a week left to get them done!!

    I apologised for my thongs on Thursday and had to apologise for my bare feet appearance today… I can now fully appreciate the saying ‘barefoot and pregnant’… None of my shoes fit my elephant feet…!! Thanks for an awesome couple of days training everyone who made it in, fantastic to meet some new faces and see everyone’s progressions!! You’re all smashing it!! 🙂