WOD Monday 27/06/2011 (Day 22 of 25)

5 Rounds for Max Reps:
Body weight, Back Squat
Ring Push-ups

Post weight and reps to comments.

13 Comments on “WOD Monday 27/06/2011 (Day 22 of 25)

  1. I’ll be busting out those body weight back squats like nobody’s business…….
    Bahahaha NOT!! :s

  2. Mick I have a request workout this week,i have never done a filty fifty i’m always away. I’m going away again for 2 weeks on Sunday and I have this feeling that you will put on the filty fifty while im away, please, can we do it this week? 🙂

  3. 5.45am In order of (Back Squat/Ring Push-ups)
    Lauren 35/28=63 rxd
    Megan 41/38=79 (40kg)
    Allan 41/50=91 rxd
    Kath intro (welcome)

    Scotty.T 22-53=75 rxd
    Sheree 74-52=126 (25kg)
    Cyn 36-40=76 (40kg)
    Corina 55-50=105 (47.5kg)
    Kurt 30-30=60 (80kg)
    Cliffo 35-100=135 rxd
    Cherise skills
    Aimee 67-50=117
    Paul 53-79=132 rxd

    Lock Stock35-106=141 rxd
    Wog 89-78=167 rxd
    Brucey 77-85=162 rxd
    Aido 69-100=169 rxd
    Dan 83-54=137 (40kg)
    Alli 137-14=151 (40kg)
    Paula 95-15=110 (40kg)
    Liv 28-32=60 (42.5kg)
    Pablo 63-88=151 rxd
    Lloy 31-30=61 (38kg)
    Lahnee 36-43=79 (42.5kg)
    Lynda 41-18=59 (40kg mod)
    Ryno 79-117=196 rxd

    Tanners 25-30=55 (40kg)
    Joe 30-60=90 rxd (4 rounds)
    Kazza – skills
    Mr C 58-55=113 rxd
    Rob 31-54=85 (60kg)
    Beck L 24-73=97 rxd
    Tommy 75-66=141 rxd
    Larns 39-34=73 (80kg)
    Gilli 24-33=57 (60kg)
    Lara 21-30=51 (40kg)

    • As much as I would LOVE to claim rxd on this one, I only managed 40kg – thanks anyway Mick 🙂

  4. is anyones elses Lats sore? mine are killing after Saturday 🙁

  5. Cheers Megan all fixed!!

    Bec your dreams will come true this week mate!!

    Well done to morning crews, some great squatting in both sessions!

  6. Sorry to have to inform you Michael, I will not be in tonight. I am still at work and it is now 5.25pm. Tomorrow is a new day – and I will do my very best to be there, cos I know how much you miss me and you know how much I miss Crossfit!

  7. Well that was probably one of the most hardest strength session i have ever done, mentally that was a complete mind f&%k, physically i am shattered!
    driving home was very hard ahaha
    see you all tomorrow very sore and sorry!

    p.s ryno, your pushups are insane mate!

  8. Totally agree Mick excellent night. Some great efforts tonight and nice
    To see crazy Joe back
    Looking forward to the rest of the week…