WOD Tuesday 28/06/2011 (Day 23 of 25)

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Reps for time of the Triplet:
Double Unders (x2)
Boxjump 24″ (20″)
Toes to Bar

Post load and time to comments.

Happy Birthday Tamara!!

51 Comments on “WOD Tuesday 28/06/2011 (Day 23 of 25)

  1. Happy Birtday Tim Tam!! Hope ya have a wonderful day!!
    P.S. You look super cute in your photo!! 🙂

    very happy to see this wod ahah
    happy birthday talulllaaaa!!!!

  3. happy birthday tamara, hope its a great one, and you are spoiled rotten xoxo

  4. Ahhh Miss Mara Bum, how far we’ve come from our days in kindy yet youre still as gorgeous today as you were back then!!
    Hope you have a lovely day beautiful lady, love u millions xxx

  5. Happy Birthday Tamara! hope you have an awesome day.

  6. 5.45am
    Shano.G 17.14 rxd
    Cyn 15.18
    Mick 20.21 mod

    Locky 13.02 rxd
    Lynda 14.57
    Melanie 19.24
    Aimee 16.23 (mod)
    Richo 22.45 (mod)
    Paul 20.20
    Cliff 12.11 rxd

    Liv 37.28
    Tommy 18.52 rxd
    Shauno 24.19 rxd
    Scotty.T 23.01 rxd
    Lee 22.18
    Karen 21.58 rxd
    Brucey 20.05 rxd
    Adam 14.20
    Paula 22.28
    Charlotte 23.39 rxd
    Aido 12.11 rxd

    Rob 18.32 rxd
    Beck 13.06
    Nick 9.58 rxd
    Lahnee 12.15
    Lloy 12.27
    Ryno 12.50
    Pablo 20.34 rxd
    Lyndal 14.17 rxd

    Gilli 15.42
    Tanners 14.20
    Smokin 18.04 rxd
    Corina 15.06
    Kurt 20.54
    Ali 16.26
    Larns 18.16 (mod)
    Lara 15.43

  7. Happy happy birthday Tamara, great photo, have a wonderful day 🙂

  8. Happy Birthday Tamara hope you have a great day 🙂

    Nice Photo!

  9. Happy Birthday Tamara! It’s going to be a great year for you!

  10. Tamara,
    Happy birthday to you – hope you have an awesome day and get spoilt rotten. I am sure Michael has something very special planned for you!

  11. Happy birthday Tamara – buy yourself some perfume as a present, because after next month you’ll only smell like pee and spew! Have a great day 🙂

  12. Happy Birthday Tamara! Hope you are having a FANTASTIC day and that bubs gives you a bit of a break and isn’t kicking the shit outta ya!

  13. Happy Birthday Tamara 🙂 Hope you are getting very spoilt.

    • scotty, you said he was going to do sub 10 🙂 haha nice work nick!

  14. happy birthday tamara 🙂
    hope you had a lovely day! xxx

  15. Happy Birthday Tamazza 🙂
    Hope you have a wonderful day!
    What a great photo!
    Your looking very pretty miss Mummy-To-Be
    🙂 xxx

  16. It was a pleasure once again 6pm! especially you michelle, my love for you grows stronger each and every day

  17. And good work tonight liv, i know it took you a while but you grinded it out!

      • And weldone to ou, i hear you did very well!

          • Stay in school liv, you need it for correct spelling ahaha

          • Haha thankyou Nick.
            I have know plans of leaving school early anyway but thanx!

          • Hahaahaha
            thats weird i did have it as no first but changed it just in case haha 🙂
            shhh Nick!! 🙂

  18. NICK N LYNDAL – Smoking times you guys – well done!!!!! X K

  19. Thankyou Karen for helping me threw tonight !
    Thax for everyone cheering!

  20. No worries me darling – you braved that one one – well done for not giving up!

    • Nawh thankyou!! 🙂
      well done you did very well!

  21. WELL!! Thank you so much everybody for my birthday love!! I had the most amazing day, lunch with Mick, Mimsy, Stevro, Janeah, Shauno and Khyan followed by a beautiful pedicure courtesy of my sister. Just got home from Mooo Char with Mick and in my jammies and tucking into a cup of tea by 830pm… I know I’m getting old, but I’m also 8 months pregnant and as far as birthday’s go, this one pretty much kicked ass!! 🙂
    Got a beautiful spa package from Mick, a cheesymite scroll from the Claridge’s (you need to know the story behind this to appreciate the hilarity of it all!!) and Megan, some perfume from Mum and Dad… Spolit rotten!! 🙂
    Thank you so much to all of you for your messages throughout the day. One very lucky and content mumma to be just got one year older!! Now for the BIG birthday present… Should we start taking bets on the date of birth?? 🙂 xx

  22. 25th of July!! Same birthday as Smokin!! You guys will have a Leo baby!! Strong, Generous and Carismatic. A good bloke who’s good with the ladies!! 25th of July baby yeah!!

    • Haha my thought was, “What kind of ladies think he’s good”?

  23. Nick seeing as ur love is growing stronger each day I would have thought u would have at least added my name to the 6pm group

  24. What a prick he is Michelle! I did it for ya mate 😉 do u remember your time??

    Gutsy effort tonight Liv, well done champ!!

  25. haha sorry michelle i didnt put the names into the computer!

  26. Typical Zanki… Avoiding responsibility at all costs… I’m betting around the 17th. Would be really cool if he did hold off till his due date though, given that it falls on the 28th of July and this also happens to be Mick’s Gran’s 99th birthday. What a special day that would be!! 🙂