WOD Saturday 02/06/2012

NOTE: Tonight is the first night of trials for 5.30pm weekend sessions and we would appreciate it if you are able to post your name and let us know if you are coming in. If you want this time to stay get in and support it!!

Shoulder Press

Post load to comments.

30 Comments on “WOD Saturday 02/06/2012

  1. good chance i’ll be there, just gotta see how i go after work tomorrow 🙂

  2. I want to be, but going to see how my back holds up at work first. Hopefully see you tomorrow arv…

  3. I am hoping to be at the 8am session, but I like that you have the 5.30pm sessions and if there’s enough people use it I’d like to see it stay. I plan on going to the 5.30pm session on Sundays (not this Sunday though).

  4. I call on all my 4551 Brothers and Sisters to Unit at the 5:30 pm Session.
    Do it not for yourselves, but for your fellow compatriots!!
    For it is not only for Oneself that You strive for Greatness, As much for those that Support You.
    Thou doth not serve a Greater Good than Striving for the Mutual Respect of those that thou holds Dearly.
    Unite 4551 under our Common Cause.
    To be Fitter. Faster. Stronger.

    And in the words of the Great Clifford Davis,

    ” To be Constantly Massive and Incredibly GOOD Looking!!”

    See you all at 5:30 pm. 😉

    • Smokin….. You left an ‘e’ off your first unite…… Did I just ruin your day???

      Great post though…. 🙂

    • I wish there was a like button on this page. I would like the hell out of that comment joe

  5. HAHAHAHA SMOKIN you made my day! see you at 5:30!! 🙂

    • Cheers Oli!! Look forward to sharing a Session with the Pocket Rock of the Box!! 😉

  6. i will be at 530 today have too many soccer netball taxi runs this am

  7. Won’t make 8am, will be there for 5.30pm.

  8. Not only back on top of the WOD but back on top of the blogging too. Nice to see Smokin

      • Got back yesterday but off to Taiwan this week 🙁

        Will try to do tomorrow and Monday am…

  9. 8am
    Aido 30-45kg
    Tommy 30-50kg
    Karen 27.5kg across (P/Press)
    Mull 20-27.5kg
    Suz 27.5kg (P/Press)
    Lauren 30-38.5kg
    Sue 12-21kg
    Matty.F 45-60kg
    Stu 37.5-55kg
    Jayden 35-45kg
    Pete 35-47.5kg
    Jayden 35-45kg
    Mel.P 20-27.5kg
    Junk Davis 40-50kg
    Mick 20kg Uni DB Across
    Bianca 30-42.5kg

  10. Hey Mick, Alan got pin cushioned at the Gold Coast last night, so we’ll do today’s wod at home this arvo. We’ll be in 8am tomorrow and might bring Kurt along too!!

  11. Sorry Mick my back is not up for anything today..maybe tomorrow? Who F#*KEN knows!!!! Not F*#ken HAPPY!!!!

  12. Home WOD:
    Megan – 20kg across
    Alan – 20kg to 45kg

  13. Stoked with the Turnout for the 1st Saturday Evening Session!!
    Cheers for the Support 4551, Great Commitment!!

    SMOKIN 40-50
    RYNO 30-40
    DALE 45-60
    ALLI 25-33.5
    DAL 35-47.5
    MEL 20-27.5
    SHANO 40-50
    KURT 30-45
    CORINA 25-32.5
    KRISTEN 27.5-32.5
    LEIGHA 20-26.5
    IZZY 12-27.5
    JFK 45-55
    CHASE 30-45

    All in kg’s of course. Great Job All, Cheers and See you 2moro same bat time same bat channel. 😉

  14. Completed my workout for today-2km bike, 2km row and a 2km run – time 23.12

  15. Awesome 5.30 turnout guys good to see commitment for the 3 and 1 roster see you all at 5.30 tomoz