WOD Saturday 05/01/2013

Five rounds for time of:
50 Double-unders
85kg (60kg) Push jerk, 10 reps
Rest 1 minute

Post load and times to comments.


10 Comments on “WOD Saturday 05/01/2013

  1. That’s awesome! Wil just sorting his hook grip out 🙂

  2. 11k mountain bike ride up karanda mountain hour and a half ride

  3. 8am
    Mick 13.13 (70kg)
    Alan 13.35 (45kg) mod
    Megzi 17.57 (40kg)
    Lynne 16.16 (35kg)
    Brooke 14.15 (30kg)
    Hayles 15.59 (35kg)
    Stu 20.33 (60kg)
    Savage 14.51 (60kg)
    Martin 10.54 (30kg)
    Mel.P 13.40 (40kg)
    Sue 11.25 (25kg)
    Heidi 11.46 (12kg)
    Paula 15.04 (40kg)
    Matty.F 13.55 (65kg) mod
    Mitch 9.55 (50kg)
    Locky 9.06 (60kg)
    Tommy 14.15 (60kg)
    Michelle 13.18 (40kg)
    Richo 11.11 (50kg)
    Jennifer 14.19 (20kg)
    Rachel 13.09 (30kg)
    Smokin 15.47 (60kg)
    Tanners 15.10 (20kg)
    Suz 22.14 (25kg)
    Brenno 21.23 (mod)
    Bianca 19.52 rxd

    Great to see everyone in and pumped about their training for the new year, well done guys!!

  4. Thankyou heaps Suz and Marli for counting me and your encouragement:) Also to Mick and Locky thankyou for your patience I know you must need a bucket load with me and weight lifting!!! I’m sorry I just get so dam unco I do listen has to me my dimessa issues again!!:( Huge congrats to Bianca that was bloody fantastic girl power!!!:)

  5. Happy Birthday Kurt hope you are having a Super Saturday!!!:)