WOD Saturday 17/11/2012

Three rounds for time of:
20kg (12kg) Sots press, 15 reps
Handstand walk 15 meters
20 second L-sit hold
Handstand walk 15 meters

Post load and time to comments.

Happy 21st Birthday to Shelbs and J.F.K!!

For anyone and everyone!!

12 Comments on “WOD Saturday 17/11/2012

  1. WOW – what a story, this girl will certainly achieve her dream of opening her own box and having a separate division in the crossfit games. Just watching that video and hearing her story shows me MENTAL STRENGTH and she’s certainly got it!

    Happy 21st Shelby hope your night is awesome chick!!!


    Not forgetting PECKS aka J.F.K Happy Birthday to you too mate.

  2. happy birthday DOOM features and shelby. just finished work. i will try to get up for crossfit in 3 hours to see everyone. heres hoping:)

  3. Happy 21ST Birthday to the beautiful sweet Shelby have a super awesome day? Love the laughs we have at 9.15 kid!!!!:)

    Happy 22nd Birthday JFK have a great day with lots of laughs!!

  4. There is another fantasic reason to never give up people with that strength and determination make others open their own minds more to what can be!! Love it thankyou for sharing:)

  5. Happy birthday guys! I love that people are happy to spend there time helping the less fortunate experience what we take for granted. Respect to all coaches around the world.

  6. Congrats Livdogs on your M/UP – awesome to see girl, well done.

  7. Happy birthday to JFK and Shelby – hope you both have amazing birthdays!

    A huge congrats to livdogs on your muscle up today 🙂 xx

  8. Happy birthday JFK and Shelbs! Hope you both have an awesome day 🙂