WOD Staurday 20/11/2010

In teams of 1-3 complete:
3 Rounds for average total reps per team.

2mins max reps, Sumo Deadlift High Pull 35kg (25kg)
2mins max reps, Kettlebell swings 24kg (16kg)
2mins max reps, Boxjumps 24′ (20′)

(2mins rest between each round.)

Post loads and reps to comments.

Happy 3rd Birthday Khyan Claridge!!

3 Comments on “WOD Staurday 20/11/2010

  1. 7am
    Team A- 286 reps

    Team B- 268 reps
    Carolyn (Welcome)
    Chris.B (Welcome)

    Team C- 237 reps

    Team D- 219 reps
    Clive (Welcome)
    Lynda (Welcome

  2. Hey guys!!
    Just want to shout out and say a big thankyou to all CF 4551 members and supporters (you all know who u all are!!), we could not have asked for a better week at the new box!! Very excited about the future with heaps of new events and challenges, new trainers and new programs being implemented. Any feedback anyone has whether negatve or positive we would love to hear it as it will only make us provide a better service for u all in future. Stay tuned!!!

    • Had a great first Saturday Team WOD. And truly enjoyed our first week at your new Box. Feedback – I’m pretty sure I’m speaking for most in regards to the stretching afterwards with Cliffo – it’s fantastic and loving it, and something we have all missed. Sorry for the giddiness this morning but that’s just a reflection of how happy we are.