WOD Friday 19/11/2010

10 rounds for time:
1 Clean and Jerk
5 Pullups
10 Pushups
15 Squats

Post load and time to comments.

14 Comments on “WOD Friday 19/11/2010

  1. 5.45am
    Jayden 19.45 (50kg) rxd
    Lauren 19.17 (37.5kg) rxd
    Cyn 16.28 8rds (20kg)
    Nicole 18.58 8rds (20kg)

    Scotty.T 16.59 (50kg) rxd
    Amanda 19.28 (28.5kg)
    Bec.C 17.30 6rds (20kg)
    Sam 15.40 (mod)
    Karen 17.12 (22.5kg)
    Trina 19.15 9rds (30kg)

    10.30am .com
    Hang power clean

    Mick 95kg
    Cliff 87.5kg
    Brad 107.5kg

    4pm open gym
    Prince 15.20 (30kg)
    Mim 14.52 (20kg)
    Sheree skills
    Nick.Z 85kg (HPC 3’s)
    Mick 50kg (Snatch 3’s)

    Tamara 17.50 (37.5kg) rxd
    Rob 16.19 (50kg) rxd
    Beck 19.17 (20kg)
    Bulldog 12.27 (60) rxd
    Mel.Z 19.18 (37.5kg)
    Alana 18.32 (37.5kg)
    Sheree 17.40 (mod)

  2. woo hoo Im finally on the bands!!!!! Me thinks Ill have a wee wine to celebrate tonight..naughty I know!! 😉

    • oh! And thanks for the encourgement this morning from you all..Mick your doin an awesome job!!!! Lovin the mornin crew!!

    • By the guys, I have register for the coastal games for dec 11th. I am sure you won’t make me go alone!! please 😉

  3. thanks Mick for the encouragement this morning. congratulations Nicole for band pullups. keep it up mate!

  4. Spewing I couldn’t get in! I was looking forward to the Open gym session this arvo but I am stuck at Goodlife AGAIN (open and close). I have the weekend off so I will be at the group session tomorrow with everyone. Mick I will have to look at training with you again on Friday’s (if you can fit me in)especially the ones I am doing double shifts on.

  5. chuffed to bits with my hang power cleans 87.5kgs woot woot

  6. Well done nicole,you were awesome today !! Mick thanks heaps for a great first week at 4551….first of many !

  7. Great workout today guys! First workout at the new box. Looking forward to catching up tomorrow at Moffat. Congrats Nik on getting onto the bands with your pullups. Your first of many milestones to come! Also enjoyed the open gym session – great opportunity to practice skills, spend some time triggering etc. Congrats Mick for a successful first week!

  8. Is there any chance whatsoever that tomorrows workout won’t involve using my arms? They’re rather shattered. But I don’t really want to run either. Let’s just sit around and have a chat. In fact, I like Rob’s idea, I might skip the 7am session and just catch the 1pm!