WOD Thursday 04/06/2015


A) 10mins to set 2-3 June goals, (bring them into the gym). They must be:
-Realistic to your ability.
-Specific and measurable for re-testing.
-Achievable within 3-4 weeks, (by the end of June).

*Upon arrival, please head upstairs and mark them on the goals board. EVERYONE MUST SET GOALS!!

B) For max reps complete the following in the time allocated:
1 minute of box-jumps, 24″ (20″)
1 minute of rowing, (calories)
1 minute of double unders
2 minutes of box-jumps
2 minutes of rowing
2 minutes of double unders
3 minutes of box-jumps
3 minutes rowing
3 minutes box-jumps

-The clock does not stop, changeovers need to be immediate.

Post total number of box-jump, double under reps and calories rowed to comments.



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