WOD Thursday 05/06/2014

A) Spend 10mins finding a heavy double for a Strict Press


B) Amrap in 12mins of:

Run 150m

Max reps, Press (70% of part A)


As soon as bar is lowered from rack/shelf position the run must be completed.


Post load for Part A+B to comments and total reps completed to comments.








5 Comments on “WOD Thursday 05/06/2014

  1. Hey everyone! Just letting you know that Mull and I did Monday’s WOD yesterday. I can’t remember our times as they are written at home and I am at school (where I have reception!). I think I was 23 mins or something and Mull was about a minute after that.

    I also did Friday’s WOD on Saturday, I had to sub the row with another run. There are mission dogs at my 800m turn around point that chase me, so I expect to get real fast REAL SOON!!! Also can’t remember my time for that either.

    Once we have internet I will post our WODs as soon as we do them 🙂

    Hope you are all well and miss you guys xx

      • Miss you both too love your mind set keep going strong:)

    • Cheers Dal,

      We all miss you guys here, everyone loves hearing from you guys so please keep the posts coming when you can champ.

      Look forward to catching up soon 🙂