WOD Thursday 15/12/2011


(Find one weight and hold across for all lifts.)

then, In teams of 2 complete an AMRAP in 5 mins of:
10 Power Snatch 50kg (35kg)

In this workout you and your partner will choose one weight, one bar and complete 5 reps in a row each. Once both athletes complete their required 5 consecutive reps (10 between you both) a round is then marked as complete and you may then start the next round. You must keep the same rotation and complete all your 5 reps before your partner commences, continue sequence for 5 minutes, extras will count to your total score.

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10 Comments on “WOD Thursday 15/12/2011

  1. Hi guys sorry I am unable to do my last session( before holidays) today as planned before holidays got to bed too late and my eyes have only just forcibly opened after the alarm snooze has gone off three times!!!! Late nite 1.30am to bed and leaving early with Melissa to get to airport ( not just cherry picking well… Maybe a little… snatches my favourite!!)) A belated happy birthday to a great chick Michelle for yesterday xoxo. A very big congratulations to Lachlan your commitment to your own personal health and fitness is a testiment to those you train so keep up the great work and we appreciate the knowledge and professionalism you bring to Crossfit. You should be very proud of yourself that a wonderful trainer like Mick has given you a job in his box so that speaks volumes for you! Well done.
    Lastly a very merry Xmas to you all I will miss the box whilst on holidays! I hope the calendar is ok for all involved whether as a model or as a purchaser it was a learning curve for me in many ways with more than the usual hiccups along the way ( pc to Mac) mid process, but I did try to get everyone in it in some way with limited spaces and apologize u missed out and of course some got a little more attention than others for many reasons but hopefully everyone is happy! You will all see it before me!!!! Merry Christmas x x x Kristen

    • Kristen me darling have an awesome time away over the Chrissy – you deserve it I’m sure. Relax n have fun and look forward to seeing you in the new year babes! X K

  2. 5.30am (Strength/Metcon)
    Matty.F 45kg/4 rxd

    Megan 22.5kg/6 (25kg)
    Rhonda 6kg/6 (6kg)

    Shano.G 40kg/5+3 rxd
    Ryan 30kg/5+3 rxd

    Chase 37.5kg/4+4 (30kg)

    Lynda 30kg/5+4 rxd
    Alli 30kg/5+4 rxd

    Bulldog 20kg/5+2 rxd
    Aido 50kg/5+2 rxd

    Karen Skills/6+9 (25kg)
    Mull 25kg/6+9 (25kg)

    Chazza 30kg/5 (30kg)
    Ryno 30kg/5 (30kg)

    Adam 40kg/5+6 rxd
    Kurt 50kg/5+6 rxd

    Paula 12kg/6+8 (25kg)
    Hayley 12kg/6+8 (25kg)

    Lauren 32.5kg/4+6 rxd
    Larns 22.5kg/4+6 rxd

    Call 50kg/7+8 rxd
    JFK 50kg/7+8 rxd

    Mel.P 20kg/5 (25kg)
    Livdogs 25kg/5 (25kg)

    Tommy 45kg/5+4 rxd
    Matty.H 45kg/5+4 rxd

    Harry 30kg/3 (30kg)

    Nathan 20kg/5 (30kg)
    Gilli 25kg/5 (30kg)

    Lara 12kg/5+7 (25kg)
    Michelle 25kg/5+7 (25kg)

    Hulk 60kg/4+5 rxd

  3. Thanks for your help with the calendar Kristen, i’m sure everyone will be very appreciative no matter how it turns out. We appreciate all the stressful hours you have put in to get it finished. Have a safe and Happy Christmas and New Year and we look forward to seeing you back in 2012!!

    Well done to Alli and Lynda for leading the morning packs so far for the WOD!!

  4. Hey Mick I’ll be coming to the 430 class as I need all the hours I can get tonight to do my assignment. Just giving you the heads up that I maybe 5-10 min late as I finish work at 4 and need to zip home to get changed 🙂 cheers and sorry

  5. Congrats to JFK and Call for top scoring in the metcon today, nice score boys!!

    And to the top scoring women Lynda and Alli, AWESOME!!

    Well done Liv, your lifts have improved out of site mate!!