WOD Tuesday 06/12/2011

WOD 11.1 Crossfit Games Open:

As Many Rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
30 Double Unders
15 Power Snatch 35kg (25kg)

(Power Snatch can be taken Ground to Overhead anyway, as long as it is safe and passing through the correct range of motion.)

Post Rounds and Reps to comments.

Ahhhhh the good old days!! a few people have changed a bit since this!!

14 Comments on “WOD Tuesday 06/12/2011

  1. Any chance you could find a link to last time so we could compare our results

  2. just found it it was the 25th of march
    everyone was written down as .com
    had to go onto my account on the crossfit games website, 211 is my number to beat

  3. I remember this wod clearly as I couldn’t do double unders and Lauren was counting my 1 rep at a time, I got 1 round plus 19…. relatively confident I can beat that today 😉

  4. 5.30am (Total Reps:)
    Shano.G 212 rxd
    Mull 211 rxd
    Leigha 183 (12kg)

    Scotty.E 120 (30kg) mod
    Kurt.H 195 rxd
    Kazz 247 rxd
    Cliff 260 rxd
    Corina 111 (25kg) mod
    Matty.F 50 rxd
    Chase 151 (30kg)
    Lynda 90 rxd
    Kristen skills
    Scotty.T 135 rxd
    Sheree.T “Baby Eva” 9.10
    Brandoss 196 rxd

    Adam 261 rxd
    Beck L 296 (mod)
    Rob 175 rxd
    Brucey 218 rxd
    Brenno 132 rxd
    Matty H 187 rxd
    Jayden 171 rxd
    Lauren 255 rxd
    Tamara 172 (20kg)
    Cal 198 rxd

    Aido 265 rxd
    Gill 171 rxd
    Mel P 225 (12kg/singles)
    Lou 81 (mod)
    Hulk 261 rxd
    Scotty E 225
    Larns 180 rxd
    Nathan 137 (20kg/mod) (welcome!!)
    Lock Stock 257 rxd
    Lara 46 rxd
    Michelle 180 (20kg)
    Hayley 210 (12kg)
    Tanners 132 rxd
    Katie 177 rxd

  5. Haha Tanners me to this was
    My worst score last year. I did the WOD with Nick Z. He flogged it and I
    Was doin double unders one by one. I only have 142 to beat. Oh and Paula got me by
    One …..bring it Mrs L

  6. Just checked my score from the games – 2+5 – I only just go my first double under a few days before this wod was released!:-)

    • Actually I just recounted, (with Scott’s help) 80 was my score so that is 1+30+5!!

  7. Go for your life tonight girlies you got these DU’s sorted now – no stopping ya’s!

    Oooohhh I think I’m feeling the competition bug hitting me – love this mornings session.

    Bulldog your mine tonight cant wait to see you hit it hard and I promise to shout as loud as I can – I know you love the sound of my voice ha ha ha

  8. 3 double unders, pause, 2 double unders,pause …. this will be fun :/

  9. Gotta love the grunts and groans of Scotty.T this morn, whatever it is, it’s not English!!

    • It’s interesting how you can smash out the DU’s but then in a WOD it’s sooo much harder. Round 1 completed in 2 minutes, then the next 2 rounds in 8 mins. Good WOD though, good to watch master Clifford.

  10. Rynnnnooooooooooo Get well soon mate hope to see ya back tomoz evening mate

  11. Lohan’s were late back from brizzy tonight gutted WW misses this one but may try to do
    It on Friday . Might have to go to brizzy again tomorrow to miss the agony of a FF