WOD Tuesday 17/06/2014

A) 10 min AMRAP 

30 Double Unders

10 Power Cleans 45kg (30kg)

Perform 5 Toes to Bar at the start of each minute


Rest 5mins then,


B) 10mins to find a 2RM touch and go:

Squat Clean


Post total rounds, reps and load to comments.





7 Comments on “WOD Tuesday 17/06/2014

  1. Congrats to Britt on her PB this morning – 60kg Squat Clean . . . not 1 BUT TWO!!! 🙂 Keep going forward Britt!!!!!

  2. 5 and 6 am, you guys have to come back and do the wod tonight haha. Apparently you were meant to do the toes to bar in the amrap. Apologies haha

  3. Thanks guys! So stoked!
    Hahah nice one nick!

  4. In Melbourne this week guys. Yesterday did a 3K Row 11.30 and some pressing

    Today CF224 WOD – 5 rds – 10*40KG PP + 10 Burpess Box overs – 6.53rxd.

    We also did some strength work – PP from shoulders….3 @ 30kg OMEM for 10mins…

    • Well done Tommy! Great commitment mate!!! 🙂