WOD Tuesday 18/10/2011

“Strict Nicole”
Run 400m
Max Reps, Strict Pull-ups

As Many Rounds and Reps as Possible in 20 minutes

Post rounds and reps to comments.

The Crossfit Gymnastics Certification at Crossfit Goldcoast on the weekend!!

10 Comments on “WOD Tuesday 18/10/2011

  1. What an amazing weekend! Learnt some amazing things and met some great people!

    • if there was only a LIKE button me dear friend, I’d like the hell outta your comment

  2. 5.45am (Rounds/Reps)
    Shano.G 7/35 rxd
    Matty.F 6/41
    Leigha 5/55
    Shano.C 5/32 rxd

    Alli 6/55
    Brenno 5/31
    Kazzzzbaaa 7/27 rxd
    Kurt 6/29
    Richo 6/41
    Louise 4/41
    Chase 7/30
    John.R 6/32
    Call 7/32 rxd
    Aido 7/44 rxd

    Mull 5/43
    Lynda 5/23
    Gill 5/24
    Wog 7/54 rxd
    Cliffo 7/52 rxd

    Liv 6/20
    Chazza 7/42
    Paula 6/50
    Tommy 7/39
    J.F.K 7/45
    Matt.H 7/49
    Ryno 7/58 rxd
    Lauren 6/34

    Tanners 5/37
    Corina 5/38
    Lock Stock 7/59 rxd
    Lara 4+Run/13
    Dale 6/36 rxd
    Chantelle 4/32
    Melissa 6/37
    Mim 3/200m (mod)
    Tamara 3/26
    Shano.C 7/58 rxd
    Matt. Mac 6/36 rxd
    Larns 4+Run/23
    Babs 4/31
    Brandon 7/67 rxd

  3. Not done strict pull ups for a while it should be fun..

  4. What a fun session, loved staying around working on my gymnastics skills… getting me pumped for thursday!!!

  5. thoroughly cooked but it was fun! thursday will be good if not painful 🙂

  6. Ryno mate all thoses Paleo receipes/info are sitting in DropBox for you, if you didnt get the email from me (with the link to view them) let me know and I’ll resend again.

  7. Yeah Thanks Karen got the email havent been able to get into it though. wil have a chat to you at trainnig tomorrow about it keen for some new recipes.

  8. A great day/night in the box, 40 people hitting up the WOD!! Really good to see people taking on board and enjoying the new skills and strength challenges in the warmup!!

    Fantastic to see Mimsy back in tonight!!