WOD Tuesday 22/10/2013




Post loads to comments.


A HUGE congrats to Brenno and Larns who got married on the weekend, was great to be there to help celebrate it with you guys!!

Larns Bdog



15 Comments on “WOD Tuesday 22/10/2013

  1. The look on Brenno’s face says it all 🙂 Beautiful photo

  2. You look absolutely beautiful Larns! Congratulations to you both 🙂

  3. Congratulations to Brenno and Larns xoxo
    Kurt and Shebby what awesome action this am pbs woot woot shut the front door !!:)))

    • thank you sue :))))))) x ..!!! still on that high heheh !! 😀 . thanks coach ..!
      i think the whole 9:15 sesh did well , big numbers up there big dawgs !!!

      kurt you absolutely killed it this morning .!! constantly massive !! well done..

  4. Congratulations Brenno and Larns 🙂 You both look stunning!

  5. Absolutely blown away by how much the technique has improved this morning guys!!

  6. 5am
    Lauren.Y 12-20kg
    Britt Tech
    Kylie Tech
    Lynne 20-37.5kg
    Paula Tech
    Liv 40-47.5kg
    Kelly 6 across
    Sam.G 20kg across (hang power)
    Matt.G 20kg across (hang power)
    Tom 20kg across (hang power)
    Cam 40-50kg
    Mick.L Tech
    Nadine Tech
    Aimee 20kg across
    Joanne 6kg across

    Corrine 12-20kg
    Reiven 40-85kg (Deadlift)
    Bec.M 20-32.5kg
    Stevo 55-65kg
    Sarah 6-20kg (power)
    Bel 20-25kg
    Schmidt 12-20kg

    Mitchy 40-50kg
    Karen 20-37.5kg
    Naz 20-30kg

    Dent Tech
    Sue 12kg
    Cliff 40-65kg
    Mick.B 50-70kg
    Shelbs 22.5-32.5kg
    Jules 20-30kg
    Hayley.M 12-27.5kg (hang power)
    Kirstin 12kg across
    Kurt 60-75kg

    Harro 60-85
    Hayley.G 20-34
    Kim 20-22.5
    Carol Tech
    Jen.K Tech
    Gilli Tech
    Heidi 20-35 (clean)
    Ryan.G 20 (HPS)
    Josie 20-22.5
    James Tech
    Latch 60-75
    Brian Tech

    Rach 20kg
    Marty 30-60
    Jayden ?
    Lozza 47.5
    Bianca skills
    Corina 20-30
    Tommy ?
    Jaime 12-12 (HPS)
    Ang 12-20 (HPS)
    Keffy 80-90
    LJ 12across (HPS)
    Dal 30-50
    Mull 50-70 (Back Squat)
    Justin 80-98.5
    Aido 40-70

  7. congrats guys all the best !! xo such a great photo. brennos face really is priceless

  8. Congrats brenno and Larns!!!!. Today’s work wod 7 deadlift @ 90kg row 100 14 pistols 21 du row 100 15 min amrap 5rounds +7

  9. Yeah big improvements tonight as well! MARTY YOUR MY HERO MATE!

    • Thanks bro for sticking with me the whole session keeping me on task. Still can’t get over how fluid that last rep felt. Lovin it.

  10. Sorry guys I forgot to write my score

    50-65kg power snatch

  11. Thanks for all your help mick, nick and lachy… can’t wait to do this one again and work on that speed