WOD Tuesday 25/10/2011

Sumo Deadlift

Finish with 3 Max Rep Efforts:
GHD Sit-ups
Strict Handstand Push-ups

Post load and total Reps to comments.

Happy Birthday Aido!!

16 Comments on “WOD Tuesday 25/10/2011

  1. That’s my boy, you’re a sexy “sticksy” beast Aido!!

    Hope you have a crackin day buddy 🙂

  2. Yeeeewwww! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AIDO’s – hope you have a great day buddy!

  3. Aido son what have they got you doin! I thought I had hit a gay gym’s website
    When I first saw this. Haha happy birthday mate.

    Would have liked the deadlift today but the gym in the hotel is Crap.

    Did 5 rounds of
    Strict pull ups
    Weighted lat pull down

    Oh and a quick tabata holding the hollow position 🙂

  4. 5.45am (Reults in order of: Sumo Deadlift/GHD Sit-up-HSPU)
    Shano.G 140/39-9
    Eliza 60/32-23
    Leigha 50/10-25

    Mim 45/45 Sit-ups
    Aido 145/56-7 rxd
    Lynda 100/17-13
    Kristen 85/54-32
    Bec.C 75/45-13
    Richo 140/30-13
    Brenno 140/50-15
    Kazz 90/95-25
    Chase 100/70-30
    Louise 45/10-42
    Matt.Mack 130/45-16

    Gilli 105/30-25 (Knees)
    Babs 100/30-28 (Knees)
    Kurt 165/40-10 (Knees)
    Larns 150/60-22

    Paula 80/55-21
    Chazz 100/65-30
    Clifford 160/113-11 rxd
    Hulk 170/42-13 rxd
    J.F.K 140/17-7 rxd
    Lockstock 130/72-20
    Lauren 95/87-26 rxd

    Corina 85/70-21
    Ryno 125/80-15
    Call 120/60-21
    Tanners 85/34-26
    Brandon 145/ tech

  5. birthday snatch for Aido! 🙂 have a good day big unit!

  6. happy birthday Aido – have a good one ! 🙂

  7. They ain’t my undies mine are grirrafe print and 10 times brighter sheree. Happy birthday massive nuts aido

  8. Holy shit Aido your legs are huge.. Represent the stickys buddy.. Happy birthday

  9. Sorry didn’t make it in tonight Mick, been having car troubles! Will def be in the rest of the week

    Happy birthday Aido!

  10. Hey Guys – Heads up for those who waited till last minute to book camping – Brendan has only been able to book for Thurs night as rest of days are fully booked.