WOD Tuesday 29/01/2013


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12 Comments on “WOD Tuesday 29/01/2013

  1. 5.30am
    Megzi 25-47.5kg
    Ellen 20-40kg
    Mel.P 25-60kg
    Cathy 20-37.5kg
    Lisa 12-22.5kg
    Paul.R 20-37.5kg (push press)
    Tommy 60-80kg
    Paula 25-47.5kg
    Liv 20-45kg
    Chazza 30-50kg
    Leanne 12-22.5kg
    Kelly technique
    Shano.C 60-75kg
    Corey 70-100kg

    Kurt 40-75kg
    Corina 40-52.5kg
    Sue 20-36.5kg
    Jen.K 20-42.5kg
    Cliff 40-75kg
    Shelbs 25-40kg
    Jenni.P 20-30kg
    Ryno 40-62.5kg
    Matty.F 70-91kg
    Bryce 40-57.5kg
    Alli 30-45kg

    Lock 60-85kg
    Simmo 50-77.5kg
    Greg 40-70kg
    JFK Front Squats
    The Pit 30-35kg
    Aido 40-70kg
    Brucey 55-75kg
    Sarah 20-35kg
    Jaymee 20-43kg
    Troy 30-55kg
    Richo 50-65kg
    Benny 50-75kg

    Hayley 35-50kg
    Scotty.E 60-85kg
    Bezza Skills
    Tracy 20 across (PP 3’s)
    Lynne 37.5-52.5kg
    Rachel 20 across (front squat 5’s)
    Pete 55-72.5kg
    Bianca 40-75kg
    Smokin ?-100kg
    Tanners Skills
    Mish 35-55kg
    Justin 80-107.5kg
    Heidi 20-30kg
    Mul 40-55kg
    Dal 20-45kg (mod)
    Hulk 75-100kg
    Wog 70-85kg FS

  2. Great technique and lifting this morn guys! Took on board all my tips and flew with them, was awesome!

  3. Livsdogs and I did another wod this morning..
    Started with push up and pull up practice and then:

    4 rounds
    Max rep push ups (no resting up top or bottom, and not a slight snake)
    10 pull ups

    Recorded push ups;
    Liv: 5-4-5-7
    Chazza: 7-5-5-5

    Now to swim in the pool:)

  4. Hi guys a group of us a heading down to the Caloundra pool after the 9.15 tomorrow for a swim and a coffee why not join in!!!

  5. Hey there …stuck in hervey bay from floods… I will catch up when back..today 10 rounds of 130metre sprints followed by 10 burpees for time … 14.20… Hope to get home tomorrow ??

  6. Hey Stevo did you have your old mate the cardboard with you!!!!

    • bahahahaha But he may not have his favorite rope with him!