WOD Wednesday 02/11/2011

4 Rounds, Max Rep efforts for each:
Strict Ring Dips
Hang Power Clean (3/4 Bodyweight)

Post load and total reps for each exercise.

5 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 02/11/2011

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  2. 5.45am (In order of Ring Dip/ Hang Power Clean)
    Lockstock 56/53 rxd
    Megan 43/37 (30kg)
    Alan 23/54 (30kg)

    Cliffo 47/50 rxd
    Chase 29/48 (40kg)
    Brenno 44/32 (50kg)
    Kazz 59/26 (45kg)
    Aido 71/78 rxd
    Tamara 43/46 (30kg)
    Gemma 35/40 (6kg) (Welcome)
    Tanners 43/42 (30kg)

    Kristen 60/59 (25kg)
    Sara 93/46 (25kg) mod
    Hulk 35/40 rxd
    Ryno 57/25 rxd
    Call 29/34 rxd
    Mull 38/30 (45kg)
    J.F.K 38/29 rxd
    Alli 64/45 (35kg)
    Lynda 46/41 (35kg)
    Kurt.N 60/38 (60kg)

    Brando 40/25 rxd
    Jetz Deegan 81/62 (40kg)
    Rob 16/72 (40kg)
    Beck.L 80/62 (27.5kg)
    Lauren 18/47 rxd
    Jayden 48/45 rxd
    Corina 48/27 (30kg)
    Gill 48/44 (40kg)
    Louise 66/28 (20kg)

  3. Well done to Aido and Lauren on taking out the strongest Male and Female for the day!

    Must of been a few people who couldn’t back up from the cup!!