WOD Wednesday 06/02/2013

Overhead Squats

Post start and heaviest load for working sets.

A basic 5 block Zone/Paleo meal, when prepared easily slapped together in 3mins!!

21 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 06/02/2013

  1. What is it? and how much? Looks small for a 5 blocker but looks good to eaaaatt

    • Agreed Tommy. I’d need a 10 blocker!! Guessing Baby Spinach, Sweet Potato, Egg, Cucumber, Avocado and Chicken?? What did I miss??

  2. BTW what a rocking night in the box last night, can’t wait to be in their for the opens.

  3. At Crossfit224 today guys. Was very busy so did there WOD

    3rds for time of;
    Run 300m
    12 deadlift 0.75 body weight
    21 Box jumps 24″

    Then finished with tabata OH squats 49@30kg

    • Nice Work TL. Keep those Melbourne Fires Burning till Friday!!

    • Make sure you hit em up at 224 on the arrival of the lads from 4551 for the Saturday Tommy 😉

      • Already done mate..Its Filthy Fifty at 9.15am on saturday….they are pumped and looking forward to the Crossfit 4551 guys training in their box. Hey and BTW guys lets all turn up in a 4551 shirt……represent

  4. To fill the numbers quick/smaller portion just add unfavourables Tommy, Sweet potato does the job quickly. Coulda made it look bigger with 20 cups of spinach (5 blocks) but chose a bit of both 😉

    120g Chicken breast (4 blocks)
    1 Boiled egg diced (1 block)

    4x 1/5 cups of Sweet potato (4 blocks)
    Spinach+Cucumber mix (1 block)

    5 x Tbl spoons of Avocado (5 blocks)

  5. 5.30am
    Livdogs 40-52.5kg
    Chazza 40-47.5kg
    Mel.P 40-55kg
    Paula 30-42.5kg
    Martin 20-42.5kg
    Alan 40kg across
    Megzy 30-42.5kg
    Troy 6-20kg
    Steven 6-20kg
    Justin 80-100kg
    Shano.C 50-65kg
    Lynne 40-50kg
    Cathy 20-22.5kg
    Leanne 6-20kg
    Corey 50-80kg mod
    Jen.K 12-23kg
    Kelly Tech
    Carly 20-30kg

    Macdaddy 60-80kg
    Locky 65-80kg
    Kirsten 6-12kg
    Cliff 40-70kg
    Sue 12-28kg
    Alli 30kg across
    Larnsy 40kg across
    Brenno 40-57.5kg
    Matty.F 55-70kg
    Stevo 40-60kg
    Hayley 30-50kg
    Alana.M 20-32.5kg
    Mick 75kg
    Simmo 50-70kg
    Bianca 65-72.5kg
    Bryce 40kg
    Kurt 60-80kg
    Jenny.B 20-28kg
    Jen.P 12-20kg
    Shelbs 20-30kg
    Call 50-70kg
    Jaydoss 40-52.5kg
    Chelsea Intro Welcome!!

    Mick.E 30-45kg
    Keiffy 70-90kg
    Gilli 20-40kg
    Scotty skills
    Wog 120-150kg deadlift
    Harro 50-75kg
    Stu 72.5-82.5kg
    Jakob 12kg tech
    Richo 47.5-57.5kg
    Pitas 12kg tech
    Mull 40-52.5kg
    Dal 20-50kg
    Tanners 23.45 mod
    Smokin 55-75kg
    Paul.R 30-45 push press
    Aido 50-70
    Ryno 5.54 ‘fran’ rxd

    Rach 20-42.5kg back squat
    Brucey 20-37.5kg
    Ellen 20-40kg
    Suz 20-37.5kg

  6. Did these with new again faster equipment, 40 – 50, no racks, equal Pb as didn’t have 1.25 or 2.5kg plates.

      • Considered it, but thought better.. I’ll get those small weights and do proper increments..

  7. Work WOD
    2km run
    3-3-3-3-3 dumbbell squats 50kg
    50 kettle bell swings
    50 push ups
    25 burpies