WOD Wednesday 06/06/2012

2012 CrossFit Games Regional: Individual Event 3 (Modified version)

Four rounds for time of:
32kg (24kg) Kettlebell Snatch, 12 reps
60m Sprint

Lucas Parker 3:40 (45kg DB), Chase Daniels 4:17 (45kg DB), Azadeh Boroumand 5:13 (31.8kg DB).

Post time to comments.

22 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 06/06/2012

  1. This will be tricky… Are we Snatching outside or Sprinting inside??

  2. Well I can’t sprint, so I’m out for RXD!!! ;-)

  3. 5.30am
    Lisa 6.02 (7.5kg DB)
    Lauren 8.02 (17.5kg DB)
    Shano.C 8.13 (24kg)
    Carlie 8.41 (12kg)
    Ange 6.30 (7.5kg DB)
    Matty.L 4.47 (20kg DB)
    Kurt.D 4.47 (20kg DB)

    Kurt.N 6.18 (24kg)
    Stevo 5.11 (24kg)
    Shano.C 7.57 (24kg)
    Matty.F 6.11 rxd
    Sue 6.56 (6kg DB)
    Shelbs 6.43 (4kg DB)
    Jenni.P 6.57 (9kg DB)
    Flick 7.34 (8kg)
    Alli 6.42 (17kg)

    Cliffo 4.00 (mod) (20kg)
    Mick 4.16 (mod)
    Call 4.07 (24kg)
    Hulk 5.51 rxd
    Aido 4.00 (24kg)
    Dal 9.13 rxd
    Mull 7.17 (16kg)
    Paula 4.33 (12kg)
    Livdoggs 8.22 (17.5kg)
    Hayley 7.35 (12kg)
    Kristen 5.07 (17.5kg)
    Ryno 4.48 (20kg)
    Bianca 5.52 rxd
    J.F.K. 6.07 rxd
    Harro 5.30 (24kg)

    Karen 5.53 (20kg db)
    Gilli 6.22 (16kg)
    Scotty E 5.20 rxd
    Smokin 5.17 rxd
    Mel P 6.15 (16kg)
    Mac Daddy 7.14 (24kg)
    Corina 6.40 (15kg)
    Chase 4.23 (16kg)
    Larns 6.43 (20kg)
    Stu 4.42 (24kg)
    Tanners 5.49 (17.5kg)

  4. Me and Disco hitting up CF store for new 2.0 nanos if anyone is keen?

    Will be ordering by Friday!

    • Why dont you wait a few weeks Les and hit up REbel Sports! Will be cheaper!

  5. What date did it say on that flyer we got Rhonda? I thought it said coming soon with no dates.

    • Les,
      The flyer did not have a date it just said July but I just called Reebok Sales Australia and she told me they will be in Rebel stores the 1st week in July. She said they will probably start arriving in stores the last week of June and they will have the Nano and the Nano 2.0. Maroochydore is one of the stores that will be getting them. So if you wait a few weeks you will not have to pay postage – unless of course you want Crossfit clothing too.

      God Im nice to you Les!!!!

    • What you reckon Mick wait till next month or order online?

  6. Mick am I still Larry Loser for Thursday ???? Please let me know not coming to look like a goose I can do that without trying!!!!! Unless we get the guys to pay so they don’t get me in their team could make some cash for Ali!!

  7. hey guys, today is amazing today. its 9.30 just finished breaky after our workout. 10 deg so we could do it with out a jumper today.

    2 km run
    21 lunges (21 each side)
    21 knees to elbow on the ground backed up to a stair rail
    21 push ups
    15 etc
    2 km run

    Rob and Vibeke

  8. would have been nice to see the 2 big dogs go at it at 6pm!!!

    • Cheers Nick. It was Something to behold. ;)

  9. Well done to the top dogs for today big smoke with a blistering 5.17 (Scotty hot on his heels) and Bianca with an awesome 5.52 for the ladies!

    • Great 6pm sess and sed the Big Boys go at it!!! Awesome work Bianca ur smashing it chick!

  10. Cheers Mick!! Big English deserves the praise for this one though. He led out on the 3rd round, made me dig real deep to chase him down!! Love your work Scott!!

  11. BIG DOGS come out to play, little dog watched in oar!!!

  12. Joe it is unreal doing the workout with you as you are pushing me the whole way it is more like me chasing you not the other way round. Go the old dogs!!!!