WOD Wednesday 11/10/2013



Five rounds for max reps of:
Body weight bench press


Post reps for both exercises in all rounds.


Whats your worst Crossfit wound?? Do you remember the WOD?? Lets hear it!!


10 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 11/10/2013

  1. Can we do something where I don’t have to use my hands? They’re not quite ↑ that bad but they’re still pissed from last week

    • People taking part this weekend will be given options Marty, so all is good champ 😉

  2. Team 8’s waiver form is upstairs at the box if team members could sign please!

    • If your referring to Mick.L’s comment Shelbs, it could either be your team name or the number in which your team is listed on the noticeboard.

  3. 5am (In order of: Bench/Pull-ups) *All scaled pull-ups are strict!!
    Lauren.Y 14-20/14-16/12-16/12-13/12-16 (27.5kg)
    Kylie 16-16/12-20/15-20/13-17/12-18 (22.5kg)
    Stevo 11-20/9-17/6-14/5-10/4-12 (80kg)
    Tom.G 16-11/9-9/7-7/8-8/6-6 (50kg)
    Matty.G 15-10/10-9/6-7/5-5/7-6
    Brooke 14-11/11-8/12-3/13-7/11-8 (22.5kg)
    Carolyn skills
    Mick.L 14-10/8-8/6-6/6-6/7-6 ??
    Cam 9-5/7-8/9-8/5-7/7-7 (80kg)
    Shano skills

    Tommy 10-30/9-22/7-20/6-20/6-16
    Paula 15-10/15-8/15-8/15-8/15-8 (30kg)
    Livdogs skills
    Nadine skills
    Britt 20-15/15-13/15-13/13-12/14-13 ??
    Latch 10-23/11-24/10-17/8-15/7-10 rxd
    Wendy 10-15/5-10/4-8/4-5/4-6 ??
    Matty.R skills
    Critta 8-9/6-9/4-7/4-7/3-7 (60kg)
    Kate skills
    Corrine 22-32/20-20/18-19/16-16/16-16 (30kg)
    Jimmy 13-13/10-12/9-11/7-10/7-10 (60kg)
    Harro skills
    Rani 10-10/10-10/10-5/10-5/9-5/ (40kg)
    Sarah 13-30/13-20/13-20/13-20/12-20 ??

    Millsy skills
    Grant skills
    Mick.B skills
    Mitchy 13-15/10-12/6-12/7-11/5-12 (60kg)
    Justin 7-30/6-22/6-23/5-16/5-17 rxd
    Dalski 18-10/14-11/13-12/12-13/11-11 (50kg)
    Pete.B 9-7/8-6/6-6/5-6/5-6 rxd

    Bianca skills
    Pete.R skills
    Hayley.M skills
    Dan.W skills
    Brian 13-11/11-10/11-11/12-11/8-10/10-12 (6rds@50kg)
    Cliffo skills
    Sue skills
    Cian 10-12/7-12/6-12/6-8/5-12 (20kg)
    Naz 25-5/23-6/15-7/12-5/15-10 (50kg)
    Hayley.G skills
    Kirsten skills

    Carol 15-14/16-12/15-12
    Dale 6-18/5-15/4-18
    Mick E
    Hingspan 18/7-15/8-14/8-15
    Scotty skills
    Zanki 12/12-9/12-7/10-5
    Kendall 18/8-17/7-15/6-15
    Britt amrap wod
    Tamara amrap wod

    Shelby amrap wod