WOD Wednesday 14/11/2012

Weighted dip
3-2-2-2-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Post loads to comments.


Just squat!!

24 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 14/11/2012

  1. A great big happy birthday to u Matty – hope u enjoy ur special day.

  2. Happy birthday Matty – my Tough Mudder son! Hope you have a special day buddy 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday Matty, hope you have an awesome day. 🙂

  4. Well done to Randy Savage this morning on getting his first muscle-up, followed by alot of man cuddles all round. Awesome to see your hard work with your nutrition and training paying off 😉

  5. 5.30am
    (Options A= Rings/ B=Parallel bars/ C=Parallettes/ U=Unassisted) (Listed in order of heaviest for 3’s/2’s/1’s)
    Randy 20/28/40kg (B) First muscle-up!!
    Lynne U-1.25kg (A)
    Megs skills
    Shano.G 15/17.5/20kg (A)
    Lauren 10/13/10kg (A)
    Jayden 22.5/30/35kg (A)
    Cathy 8.25/15/25kg (C)
    Paula U/3.75/10kg (B)
    Livdogs U/U/U (A) Working depth
    Kurt.N U/U/U
    Lockstock 31/35/41kg (A)
    Dal 4/8/14.25kg (A)
    Chase 21/26/28.5kg (A)
    Disco 20/30/30 (A)
    Mel.P U/U/U (A+B)

    Sue 5/20/30 (C)
    Mick 40/46/56 (A)
    Cliffy 17/25/35 (A)
    Jenni P 5/15/20 (C)
    Stevo 21/30/35.5 (A)
    Bianca U/U/U (A)
    Bryce 4/7.5/9 (A) First Muscle-up!!
    Ellen U/4/5/6/7 (C)
    Shelby 8/15/25 (C)
    Simmo 5/10/15 (A)
    J.D. 20/25/30 (C)
    Nick D 4/6/12.5 (B)
    Daniel 4/6/12.5 (B)
    Hayley 2.5/6/10 (B) First Muscle-up!!

    Aido 15/25/32.5 (A)
    Harro 15/20/25 (B)
    Alli U/U/U (B)
    Justin 25/35/45 (A)
    Heidi 10/30/42.5 (C)
    Wog 25/35/40 (A)
    Ryno skills

    Scotty U/U/10 (B)
    Karen 70/75/82.5 Back Squat
    Corina U/3.75/5 (A)

  6. Hey happy birthday Matty – hope you have an awesome day. Enjoy!!!!

  7. Mick, just a heads up. I will not be in tonight as QLD rail was at its best again this morning and I did not get to work until 9.30am, therefore not possible for me to leave at 4.00pm.

    See you tomorrow.

  8. Wowee!! What a cracker of a morning congrats to Randy,Bryce and go the girl power Hayley yipee!!:)

  9. Yipppeeee the guys are poping the MUPS out – well done Randy, Bryce n Hayley, thats awesome!!!

  10. Happy Birthday Matt, and well done Randy/Hayley/Bryce on the MUPS…excellent

    Crossfit 224 WOD
    10 MUPS (progression for me)
    20 Walk climbers (horrible)
    30 Knees to Elbows
    40 Push ups
    50 Pistols
    60 abmat sit ups
    3 burpees every minute


  11. 5 rds 400m runs and 5 x 20 dips on a bench with 10kg plate