WOD Wednesday 21/11/2012

1000 meter Row
Rest 4 minutes
Dumbbell “Tabata” Thrusters

Post time for row and total reps for thrusters to comments.

A well explained but basic explanation from Sean Lind on learning the cartwheel.

16 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 21/11/2012

  1. 5.30am
    Randy 3.43/47 (15kg)
    Lisa 4.41/46 (4kg)
    Carlie 4.45/51 (4kg)
    Shano G 3.49/32 (20kg)
    Locky 3.25/41 (20kg)
    Tommy 3.25/39 (20kg)
    Livdogs 4.11/53 (10kg)
    Lynne 3.58/56 (7kg)

    Sue 4.13/49 (6kg)
    Cliff 3.43/46 (20kg)
    Jaydoss 3.52/64 (10kg)
    J.D 4.27/47 (8kg)
    Alli 4.15/71 (6kg)
    Kurt.N 3.27/43 (15kg)
    Ben 3.33/37 (15kg)
    Nick.D 3.59/67 (9kg) P/Press
    Richo 3.43/59 (10kg)
    John “doom” Kennedy 3.34/53 (20kg)

    Alan 3.38/67 (16kg)
    Shano.C 3.37/29 (20kg)
    Wog 3.29/39 (20kg)
    Aido 3.29/36 (15kg)
    Hayley 4.34/51 (9kg)
    Paul.R 4.55/57 (5kg)
    Heidi 4.30/50 (5kg)
    Hulk 3.20/36 (20kg)
    Tracy 5.21/52 (4kg)
    Spruce 4.14/55 (12.5kg)
    Stu 3.41/38 (20kg)

    Corina 4.21/63 (8kg)
    Pete 3.23/39 (15kg)
    Bianca 3.51/57 (12.5kg)
    Karen 4.04/62 (9kg)
    Gilli 4.15/46 (10kg)
    Rachel 4.04/51 (7.5kg)
    Mel.P 4.05/50 (10kg)
    Suz 4.04/51 (8kg)
    Grant 3.45/56 (7.5kg)
    Michelle 4.54/37 (9kg)

    • Did this one at gym today before work Row 4:14/58 10kg dumbells

  2. Guys….I know this is early but I have booked rooms at two hotels in Wollongong for the regionals next year. These can be cancelled at no cost so their is no worries about losing money. It is very likely that the games will be at the same location in Wollongong around 17-19th May and as you know from last year accommodation is very hard to find close to the stadium. Salt no longer do short term stays so I had to find alternatives. So we have two options;
    1. Chifley – (Next door to the place we stayed last year)
    -$65/per/night – for two adjoining rooms, one Queen, one King – 4 people per adjoining rooms
    2. Best Western – (one block away from last year, walkable to stadium)
    -$42/per/night – for one bedroom apartment with sofa bed. – 4 people per room

    I will put this up on the board and ask for confirmation so we can agree on which one or even both if enough are going.
    PS – I will arrange a bus to take everyone to and from airport.

  3. Got home after the WOD, had a big drink of water….. Threw it all back up haha cheers for the work out guys!

  4. Note to 4551’ers don’t get in Ali’s way when she’s got to get on a rower!! She will mow/row you down!!! He he he I’m taking her to the next Myer Sale we will be first for sure!!! Love your work Ali and your counting!!!

  5. My workout today – warmup 1km row followed by 10 to 1 of push-ups with a 100m sprint in between-time 9.03

  6. Missed the 6pm so hit the Resort Pool.

    50 laps for time.

    Pool is 20 meters = 1 km.
    21:47 NKM

    (Nearly Killed Me)