WOD Wednesday 27/02/2013

For time:
60kg (45kg) Thruster, 15 reps
Run 200 meters
45kg (30kg) Thruster, 20 reps
Run 400 meters
30kg (20kg) Thruster, 30 reps
Run 800 meters

Post load and time to comments.


16 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 27/02/2013

  1. Cheers Micko!!

    Daily Fuel – don’t forget to click on link above guys when you have finished picking yourselves up from the floor after reading the WOD ha ha ha.

  2. Haha KD!! Awesome to hear your back baby!! Can’t wait to Wod with you!!
    Loving the look of this Wod!! Heavy Met Con!! Big Dogs Gunna Eat!! Woof!!

  3. Stoked today is finallly here welcome back Karen slow and steady Girl Rocky one day at a time!!!!:)Love the daily fuel:)

  4. 5.30am
    Alan 12.30 (50/40/30)
    Megzi 11.20 (30/25/20) Mod
    Lisa 17.44 (20/20/12)
    Sarah 16.04 (20/12/12)
    Greg 12.05(50/40/30)
    Cathy 14.01 (25/20/12)
    Mel.P 13.10 rxd
    Shano.C 18.21 (60/40/30) Mod
    Paula 11.01 (30/25/20) Mod
    Livdogs 13.58 (45/30/20) Mod
    Tommy 13.27 rxd

    Mick 11.09 rxd
    Alana.M 14.48 (30/25/20)
    Karen 20.54 (12kg across)
    Kurt 17.32 rxd
    Corina 18.32 (35/30/25)
    Matty F 14.31 rxd
    Pauly 17.50 (45/35/30)
    Sue 16.36 (20/20/12)
    Cliffo 18.56 rxd
    Simmo 13.25 rxd
    Jenny B 12.54 (30/25/20)
    Lock 14.38 (60/45/30) mod row
    Bryce 14.25 (35/30/25)
    Stevo 14.44 (50/40/30)

    Benny 9.17 mod
    Scotty 15.29 rxd
    Gilli 17.04 rxd
    Justin 10.39 rxd
    Tracy 15.52 (20/20/12)
    Heidi 13.14 (20/20/12)
    Hayley 14.19 (35/30/20)
    Lynne 14.40 (30/30/30)
    Kirsten 19.15 (20/20/12)
    Mick E 15.06 (45/30/30)
    Brucey 18.53 rxd
    Jen K 15.15 (30/20/20)
    Smokin 12.57 rxd
    Tanners 12.00 (10kg) mummy mod
    JFK 13.24 rxd
    Harro 15.25 rxd
    Chelsea 12.44 (12/12/12)
    MacDaddy 15.16 (50/40/30)
    Corey 11.59 rxd
    Pittas 18.13 (25/20/20)
    Brenno 14.23 (20/20/20)

    Marty 17.41 (30/27.5/27.5)
    Mitch 17.13 (50/40/30) mod
    Wog 13.45 rxd
    Sticksy 16.46 rxd
    Daniel 14.35 (30/25/20)
    Pia 9.55 (12) mod
    Vilde 9.39 (12) mod

  5. Not sure if I wrote that wrong or Aido did but my time was 13:10rxd not 13:01 🙂

  6. Welcome back Deegzy. It’s one thing to have an injury, and have to modify workouts so you can still get your fix, but you have been out of action COMPLETELY, and haven’t been able to do ANYTHING to keep in shape. You have continued to count down and be excited about your return (knowing how much pain you’re likely to be in when you start again), but here you are, back at it and ready to get back to your kick-arse level of fitness that you were at before. THAT is inspirational, and I wish you a speedy return to your former glory, and beyond. Love ya work coont 😉

    • Naaawh Cheers Megsy – man I tell ya I’m flipping hurting all over now ha ha ha, but love the hurt all the same, SORE is the new SEXY right!!!!!

      ps, I thought you had a new nickname for me ha ha ha and read it as Coconut 🙂

      • Let me tell you when you took off and were at the front the whole way of the 800m warm up run I was getting worried does this woman have a slow button!!!! Lucky you have a super coach Mick to pull you in!!!:)

        • ha ha Sue, I was nervous about starting that run and came out behind most of you thinking I’ll just hang back, but let me tell ya one thing the Nutrition I kept up paid off as cardio was fine.

  7. Work wod today’s wod mod 30 kg thrusters across because of equipment and run on the trendy 12.44

  8. Wod at home, 50 40 30kg time : 15:26.. Still pretty wrecked from hspu wod last night..

  9. Welcome back DEEGSY!!!!! Catch ya in the box for a wod soon! Xx

  10. i feel like i have been hit by a truck, welcome back Deegsy