WOD Friday 15/07/2011

For time:
Run 800m
30 Muscle-ups
Run 800m

Post time to comments.

14 Comments on “WOD Friday 15/07/2011

  1. 5.45am
    Shano.G 14.03 (Jump M/Up)
    Alan 15.45
    Megan 17.16

    Aimee 12.55
    Lynda 23.19
    Susie 19.20
    Kurt 19.22
    Corina 19.21
    Bec C 19.22
    Lockstock 16.17rxd
    Kazza 18.46
    J.F.K 14.40 (Jump M/up)

    4pm Open
    Cliffo 15.59 rxd
    Stockton Snatch 50kg (PB)
    Bruce 29.20
    Crossfit 20.15
    Richo 24.24
    Kazz skills
    Dal Skills
    Mull skills
    Aidos Back Squat (5’s) 90kg (PB)
    Scotty.T Skills

    Barb 17.34 (Row)
    Michelle 15.07 (mod)
    Big.T 18.35
    Lara 22.04
    Shano.C 14.46 rxd
    Chase 25.17
    Matty.M 16.15 (100 Burpee Pull-ups)

    • Shano – WOW friggin awesome time mate.

  2. didnt make it im so fricken sick :(… ill bring $20 in this arvo on my way to work

    • Whats up Larns did you get the flu off your mum?

  3. Today is the final day for your clothing payment guys! Don’t be the last person everyone is waiting on to make the order!!


  4. I will not be in tonight, as i have to drive to brissy and pick up scott, but i will see you in the morning !

    • Nice one aido – great to watch – I soooo wanna b like u when I grow up!