WOD Monday 24/01/11

As many reps as possible in 15 minutes:
Max reps, Front squat (Body Weight)

Each time bar is lowered from the rack position perform,
8 Burpees
Run 200m

Record and Post load and total reps for Front Squat to comments.

Craig Lowndes at Crossfit 4551!!
Anybody recognise the bloke hanging next to him??

13 Comments on “WOD Monday 24/01/11

  1. 275 pounds = 125kg for deadlifts tommora for crossfit.com bro, brilliant picture worth waiting for Craig to come ova

  2. LOL what a great photo, hey young fella next to Lowndesy what is so interesting on the boxs roof that you seem to be looking at.
    Is there a mirror on the roof that Globo Gym has missed :)
    Great day

  3. 5.45am
    Louise 28 (20kg)
    Meagan 52 (20kg)
    Paul 54 (30kg)
    Mim 42 (20kg)

    8am .com
    3 Rounds for time:
    10 Deadlift 125kg
    50 Double Unders

    Mick 3.42 rxd
    Cliff 6.12 rxd

    Scotty.T 48 (40kg)
    Nicole 70 reps (6kg)
    Karen 51 (30kg)
    Amanda 63 (30kg)
    Cherise 33 (40kg) Welcome
    Lynda 31 (20kg)
    Cyn 41 (20kg)
    Ryno.C 54 (45kg)
    Richo 60 (40kg)
    Trina 39 (40kg)

    Ryan.R 56 (30kg)
    Nipples 64 (30kg)
    Mel 65 (30kg)
    Lyndal 50 (45kg)
    Olivia 41 (20kg)
    Paula 45 (30kg)
    Matt 60 (50kg)

    Larns 56 (40kg)
    Blakey 57 (30kg)
    Brucey 22 rxd
    Smokin 100 (40kg)
    Tanya 68 (25kg)
    Rob 60 (40kg)
    Beck 100 (25kg)
    Gill 45 (25kg) mod
    Lara 27 (20kg) mod
    Angie 61 (6kg)
    Lock stock 67 (40kg)

  4. Go Scottie T hope you pull up okay mate
    Good to see you back. :)

  5. Awesome morning at the box! Great seeing Cherise and Scotty T back in training. Was a hot one today but still love the feeling of working out and enjoying the company of everyone at CF4551 – what a way to kickstart the week!

  6. Well done morning crews and a big Welcome back to Cherise and the T-Man from his trip around Australia.

    Day 15 of the challenge guys, only 10 days to go!! Some big numbers being dropped(kg/cm) due to the awesome commitment being showed with training and nutrition. If u are struggling a bit, make sure u sing out for help as there are some great recipes and ideas getting around. Remember to bring in those tracking books in guys!!

  7. awesome morning, it was a hot one. i brought im my book coz cliff was on my back about it last night. but i had to run off coz i may of forgot to pack millys sandwiches… woops. get u to check it tomorrow mick cheers

  8. So nice to see a few new faces and some old ones aswell…. loving the vibe !!

  9. Hey Mick – it’s good to be back again, think I am going to be in a bit of hurt for the next few weeks. Congratulations on your shed it’s great!

  10. Far out that was hard after our massive day at Big Day Out yesterday and starting work at 4.45am. So glad we did it though we were very close to not coming in (MEL!)

    Stayed on the Zone at BDO yesterday must have looked like dickheads unravelling our blocks from our pass the parcel wrapped meat!

    • I still feel as though I probably would have been able to live with myself had I of missed it! Especially after meeting my new little guys today! Very busy day!!

  11. Well done guys on sticking to your guns at the BDO. Great work on the rxd tonight Bulldog!