WOD Thursday 18/08/2011

2 Muscle-ups
4 Handstand Push-ups
8 Kettlebell Swings 32kg (24kg)

As Many Rounds as Possible in 20 minutes

Post load and time to comments.

In honor of Chief Petty Officer Nate Hardy, who was killed Sunday February 4th during combat operations in Iraq.

Nate is survived by his wife, Mindi, and his infant son Parker.

16 Comments on “WOD Thursday 18/08/2011

  1. Frothingggg!!!
    this was definatly worth staying up till 11 o’clock for

  2. Hey Mick I have a long shift and uni tonight so I won’t be in. Probably won’t be in again until Monday. Mum and Dad are off on a 3 month UK/Europe/Everywhere else holiday on Saturday so I will be with them on Friday arvo & Saturday when they leave :(

    I have been training, mainly cardio and working skills.

  3. I do believe Nick Zanki’s 13 Rds may be under threat today??

    A Reminder that all weightlifting money must be paid in order for us to make an up-front payment. All sessions are $40(to be paid in full for all weeks), there are still positions available for this Saturday which Damon will be covering the Clean & Jerk. Remember no level of experience required, get behind it guys!!

  4. Would have liked to give this one a crack but unfortunately no facilities in the hotel. Did 21-15-9 push press/push up/dumbell swing….

  5. Let’s do it Aido .. Keep at it Tommy at least your still working out

  6. 9.15am
    Karen 16+3 (16kg)
    Bec.C 13 (12kg)
    Kristen 12 (12kg)
    Lockstock 10+2 rxd
    Susie 8 (16kg)
    Christine 8+2 (16kg)

    Adam 10 (24kg)
    Ryno 14+2+4 (24kg)
    Rob 12 (24kg)
    Beck. L 11+4 (16kg)
    Paula 9+4 (16kg)
    Chazz 10+4 (16kg)
    Livdog 10 (12kg)
    Crossfit 12+2 (24kg)
    Callan 15+4+6 (24kg)
    Lauren 8+2+4+4 (16kg)
    Scotty.T lost count
    Lynda 10+4+4 (12kg)
    JFK 9 rxd
    Alli 12 8kg
    Aido 15+1 rxd
    Matt 15+1 (24kg)

    Cliffo 12+2+4+6 rxd
    Jayden 7+1 (24kg)
    Hulk 8 rxd
    Shazz 8+4 (16kg)
    Gill 8+4+4+2 (16kg)
    Tanners 10+1 (16kg)
    Michelle 9 (16kg)
    Larns 7+4+8+2 (16kg)
    Shano.C 11+1 rxd

  7. Aw crap, sorry Lauren! Late night last night and big day today! Needed the sleep! I’ll be in for 5.45am tomorrow. Today I did 10mins, max double unders and max pushups. 210 du and 98 pu. After the 3rd round, I regretted the pushup decision!

  8. What a smokin effort by Aido tonight taking top spot on the scoreboard with an impressive 15+1rds of “Nate”!!

  9. Not cherry picking….promise!! I miss not getting into
    The box, between sick kids and a hubby that works late!!! Can you sort out a daycare??!! ;) jokes jokes!! Really wanna get in for FGB tomorrow!!!

  10. Aido that is just unbelievable well done man

    Hulk – sharpen up

    Smokin – were are u man

    Nick – 16 + required