WOD Thursday 27/01/2011


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Happy Birthday to Jared McCoy for yesterday!!

10 Comments on “WOD Thursday 27/01/2011

  1. 5.45am
    Shano.G 100kg across
    Meagan 50-66kg
    Mim 60-80kg
    Mel 70-87.5kg

    Cherise 70-90kg
    Lock stock 100-120kg
    Cliffo skills
    Paul 70-100kg
    Lynda 40-72.5kg

    Lyndal 90-110kg
    Kendall 20-45kg
    Amanda 60-80kg
    Jimbo 85-110kg
    Trina 90-110kg
    Dale 130-150kg
    Prince 80-100kg
    Lee 80-100kg
    Brucey 130-150kg

    Randall 80-110kg
    Nipples 125-152.5kg
    Matty F 120-140kg
    Tommy 120-140kg
    Paula 40-60kg
    Olivia 20-40kg
    Lachlan 80-85kg

    Joe 130-150kg
    Tanya 55-76kg
    Lara 50-75kg
    Casey 50-75kg
    Michelle 85-105kg
    Jess 50-70kg
    Larns 100-117.5kg
    Blake 110-130kg
    Gillian 55-90kg

  2. Nice work Meagan on your lifts this morning!

    Massive PB Mim(20kg), well done mate!

  3. the PB’s keep rolling in. must be something in the air at the 4551 shed!

  4. 120Kg, Not bad Lock

    Next to Cliff it says “Skills” what does that mean?

  5. Hey Randall,
    Cliff had a rest day today, skills involve anything from triggering, stretching, mobility work to working on your weaknesses.

    Smokin Joe! awesome on the first unassisted Handstand Push-up.

    Awesome day guys, the box was full of PB’s!!

  6. Far out! Just got around to watching the video, how incredible are they?!?!

  7. Cheers Mick!! I have a pretty good mentor!! 😉 Amazing what good technique and 15 days on the Paleo Diet can deliver. Fully stoked mate, see ya 2moro night.