WOD Wednesday 02/02/2011

Complete in least amount of sets as possible:

100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Sit-ups

Post amount of sets taken to complete reps to comments.

15 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 02/02/2011

  1. Ya F#?¥n What!!?? Mick you sadistic barstard!! 😉

  2. I knew retaliation would come back to us soon from his Filthy Fifty wod!
    Thats me screwed for this WOD then – ha ha – may take tomoz off

  3. I wonder if anyone will show up today?? lol..Ill hopefully see you at 5.

  4. are you frikkin serious ???? surely you jest with us mick ? LOL see you at 6 !

  5. Yes quite a few people showed up this morning 🙂 I bet they wish they didnt though!!!

  6. 5.45am
    Meagan 6/16/13=35 (mod)
    Lauren 13/21/2=36 rxd
    Karen 4/19/8=31 (mod)
    Mim 7/3/6=16 (mod)
    Alli 11/10/7=28 (mod)

    8am .com
    15 Thrusters 60kg
    15 Weighted Pull Ups 15kg
    21 Thrusters 42.5kg
    21 Weighted Pull Ups 10kg
    36 Thrusters 30kg
    36 Kipping Pull Ups

    Calippo 25.25 rxd
    Mick 15.15 rxd

    Tamara 13.57 “Fran”

    Paul 14/15/10=39 (mod)
    Aoi 5/9/5=19 (mod)
    Stockton 6/18/1=25 rxd
    Bec C 9/9/14=32 (mod)
    K.C. 15/10/12=37 (mod)
    Trina 15/8/15=38 (mod)
    Richo 14/10/7=31 dnf

    Lyndal 18/10/4=32 (mod)
    Amanda 10/24=34 (mod)
    Prince 8/11/6=25 (mod)
    Lee 9/11/5=25 (mod)
    Ryno 6/15/1=22 (mod)
    Nicole 5/8/10=23 (mod)
    Lynda 7/9/7=23 (mod)
    Matty F 8/21=29 (mod)
    Mel 13/9/1=23 (mod)

    Brucey 12/18/3=33 rxd
    Tanya 12/10/4=26 (mod)
    Raymond 11/18/3=32 (mod)
    Larns 12/15/9=36 (mod)
    Blakey 7/20/4=31 (mod)
    Gilli 10/7/8=25 (mod)

  7. sooooo this sounds rare buttt along with feeling it in my chest and abs ill also be having sore calf muscles tomorro :s

  8. i honestly don’t know what the fuss is all about… it was a a nice cruisy one… might come back at 5 and 6 to do it again actually. Hahahahahahahahahaha… NOT!

  9. Mick do you guys have tape there??? I cant get my hands all chewed up because of work…thats if I make it…bloody kids and their extra after school activities..fingers crossed..

  10. pretty stocked with today – ha ha – burned bum of course – but finished the WOD

    MOD was

    100 Kettlebell swings(16KG)
    200 Pushups (off toes)
    300 Situps (burned bum)

    All thanks to ZONING!