WOD Wednesday 22/06/2011 (Day 17 of 25)

Total Reps of:
2mins Max Reps, Abmat Sit-ups
2mins Max Reps, Squats
90sec Max Reps, Abmat Sit-ups
90sec Max Reps, Squats
1min Max Reps, Abmat Sit-ups
1min Max Reps, Squats
30sec Max Reps, Abmat Sit-ups
30sec Max Reps, Squats

Post total reps for each exercise to comments.

Big Scotty after being tamed by the “Bull”!!

12 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 22/06/2011 (Day 17 of 25)

  1. 5.45am (In order of Sit-ups/ Squats)
    Cyn 137/126=263
    Shano.G 125/167=292
    Allan 155/220=375
    Megan 129/156=285
    Mal 122/163=285
    Alanna Intro (Welcome)

    Cliffo 144/153=297 (10kg)
    Cherise 107/107=214 (mod)
    Lynda 97/93=190 (mod)
    Lockstock 158/207=365
    Amy 174/177=351
    Richo 100/137=237
    Kazza 225/169=394

    Rob 154+144=298
    Bek 123+226=349
    Lloy 144+154=298
    Scotty.T 116+160=276
    Jess 97+120=217
    Shauno 119+166=285
    Lauren 167+158=325
    Lahnee 124+193=317
    Dal 157+153=310
    Ryno 174+219=393
    Larns 122+176=298
    Pablo 130+170=300
    Wog 77+131=208(10kg Vest+GHD Sit-ups)
    Aido 76+139=215(10kg Vest+GHD Sit-ups)

    Corina 119+150=269
    Kurt 119+137=256
    Tanners 142+113=255
    Gilli 94+102=196
    Scotty.E Tapped Out!!
    Tash 135+92=227

  2. Dion just did the Bull – 57.36! Apparently he found it ‘pretty tough’. Ha not exactly how I would describe it!

    • Thanks Karen. That was a great effort Nick, Aido and Cherise to go Rx.

      I do my runs up and down the street on a 400m lap. My neighbours must think Im the worse runner ever! All they see is me plodding away – huffing and puffing like I’m running a marathon!

      • Maybe you should post your WOD at the top of the driveway so the neighbors can get a better appreciation of just what is happening in your garage.

  3. Solid time dude, well done!!

    Guys a reminder to bring your nutrition books in every day, we are nearing the end of the challenge so knuckle down and finish off the final 8 days!!

  4. Hey guys, unfortunately can’t make it in tonight, Brady’s still sick and has been crying for me all day so I’m just going to stay home with him tonight. Have fun!

  5. Abs are smashed, legs are jelly. What happened to the Lohans today?

    • They must have thought “this one’s too easy, we’ll wait for something harder, like Chief”!