WOD Wednesday 5/1/11

Run 1600m
Rest 3 minutes
Run 1200m
Rest 2 minutes
Run 800m
Rest 1 minute
Run 400m

Post individual and overall times to comments.

9 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 5/1/11

  1. Ha ha so glad I missed this one! I did the following at Crossfit Dublin at noon today (Cool setup at their box and great people) its still my Tuesday evening and YESSSSSS I leave dublin tomoz and will be home Friday arvo – wooohoooo. Can’t wait to see you all!


    Half Mile Run
    50 Pullups
    100 Pushups
    150 Squats
    Half mile run


  2. 5.45am: (option A: Full-Distance(rxd) B: Scaled-Distance C:Modified WOD)
    Mim 12.29/8.10/6.01/3.59= 30.39 (B)
    Louise 12.06/8.35/5.45/2.40= 29.06 rxd (1st rxd)
    Cyn 12.06/8.35/5.45/2.40= 29.06 rxd (1st rxd)

    8.00am .com
    Front Squat

    Mick 93.5kg
    Cliff 93.5kg
    Tamara 50kg

    Bec.C 11.43/8.52/5.25/4.00= 30.00 (B)
    Amanda 7.50/6.00/4.01/1.45= 19.36 rxd
    Lock stock 5.52/4.46/3.09/1.26= 15.13 rxd
    Paul 7.12/5.40/3.52/1.46= 18.30 rxd
    Ryno 5.53/4.56/3.24/1.49= 16.02 rxd

    Nick 5.41/4.35/3.06/1.12=14.34 rxd
    Prince 7.03/5.00/3.51/1.50=18.49 rxd
    Brucey 7.02/5.32/3.27/1.27=17.38 rxd
    Lyndal 7.56/5.59/4.02/1.42=19.39 rxd

    Rob 7.22/6.26/3.16/2.05=19.09 rxd
    Beck 7.19/5.46/3.56/1.45=18.46 rxd
    Tanya 9.18/7.00/4.50/2.02=23.10 rxd
    Smokin Joe 6.13/5.06/3.37/1.15=16.11 rxd
    Angie B 8.01/5.51/3.24/3.05=24.01 (B)
    Gilli 15.45 (mod C)
    Michelle 28/55 (mod C)
    Larns 9.29/7.47/5.22/2.04=24.42 rxd
    Blake 7.30/6.16/4.13/1.55=19.54 rxd

  3. I dont think he is kidding Larns – so do not have a bread roll before coming tonight – it may end up on the road!

  4. bring on another vomitron lanalicious you rock 3×93.5kg front squats was trying to keep up with massive mike today and now im paying for it .

  5. Just did yesterdays WOD at Goodlife.

    Got 19.17 RXD

    See you this arvo for today’s WOD.

  6. Thankgoodness its over. However I enjoyed that one :)
    Go hard Larns try not to vomit on this one :)
    Good luck all and enjoy